Elizabeth Olsen Is Getting Two Scarlet Witch Spinoffs?

Elizabeth Olsen could be getting two new Scarlet Witch projects soon, both of which could really expand the character's story

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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When WandaVision hit Disney+ last year a couple of different things happened. For starters, Elizabeth Olsen was finally given more screen time, a well-deserved move by Marvel to expand on one of their more interesting characters and accomplished talents. And the show also introduced us to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would now operate in series form, at times wildly diverging from the big screen spectacles we had seen over the years. It was a fantastic pivot by the studio, put into motion with this first series. And now we know that we are getting a lot more of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch moving forward with the actress extending her contract. Plus word is there will now be two additional projects featuring Scarlet Witch in the near future. 

Originally reported by Murphy’s Multiverse, a tweet surfaced last week that suggested a couple of different Scarlet Witch projects were in the works, both of which would once again feature Elizabeth Olsen. One is an adaptation of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade which features the Scarlet Witch in a prominent role. And the other would be a solo project. This latter piece could be a solo movie for the character. This would make considerable sense considering the trajectory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now and how her character has become central to a few different elements of the ongoing storylines. Check out the original tweet

While this news is far from confirmed at this point it makes sense that Marvel would want to expand on the story started in WandaVision. As far as The Children’s Crusade is concerned, this could be an adaptation of the comic book title of the same name. In it, the Young Avengers are at the heart of the story about a character named Wiccan (Billy) with considerable powers, ones that seem to rival the Scarlet Witch. He and his brother Tommy (Speed) deduce that they might be Wanda’s twin sons and set out on a mission to find her. Why does this fit? Well, in WandaVision Elizabeth Olsen’s character had created twin sons Billy and Tommy who were originally thought to just be magical projections as part of her time in Westview. But at the end of the series, it is hinted that they actually might be alive in reality. This could lead us to a story very similar to one in the comic book. 

The other project for Elizabeth Olsen, while not defined, could very well be a solo movie for Scarlet Witch. This kind of production isn’t outlined in the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nearly every character who has been as much a part of the story (some considerably less) has eventually gotten a movie of their own. It would almost be shocking if Elizabeth Olsen had signed another contract without this kind of thing in the works. Again, that’s just speculation, but it would make total sense for the actress and the studio. 

We will likely get some questions answered about what’s in store for Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming soon when she appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We’ve seen from early trailers that she shares at least some screen time with Strange and there had been speculation that to start the film they are even at odds. It’s very likely that Strange needs her powers in a bad way when it’s all said and done. In all, these next phases for Marvel could see Elizabeth Olsen playing an even more major role in the stories, and with multiple projects on the way we are sure to see quite a bit of her character.