Earth’s Temperature Crosses Terrifying Threshold With New Record

By Britta DeVore | Published

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With climate change in the daily headlines, things aren’t looking so great for the future of our planet which has consistently been heating up over the last few decades. Now, a report from ScienceAlert reveals that the Earth’s temperature is still growing by leaps and bounds with recordings on Friday displaying an addition of two degrees Celsius.

Blow To The Paris Agreement

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This marks a major blow to those behind the Paris Agreement of 2015 as the group had hoped the average temperature would stay “well below” two degrees Celsius. 

While it may be a punch in the gut to the Paris Agreement, the towel hasn’t been completely thrown in when it comes to Earth’s rising temperatures. The idea is for the number to stay down over multiple decades, meaning that there’s still time for a turnaround.

Global Warming Goals

Remaining hopeful, the Paris Agreement states that the goal is to keep the changing temperature below pre-industrial levels, hoping to see the 2 degrees Celsius mark drop to 1.5 instead.

Although those in the United States didn’t face the typical brutal wildfire season that usually comes with the summer dryness – specifically along the West Coast – many will remember the cloudy skies from smoke blowing in from Canada.

Wildfire Season

The wildfire season was a particularly bad one for our neighbors to the north during the summer of 2023, with projections pointing to this year being the hottest one on record.

As Earth faces more natural disasters, like the rampant and raging forest fires, worsening hurricanes, and lengthy drouts, the temperature can only be expected to continue to soar in 2024.

Losing The Battle

The initial report of the global temperature climbing two degrees Celsius arrived on Friday with Saturday being no different.

In fact, Earth’s temperature was even a bit hotter this weekend, with the European monitor known as Copernicus clocking 2.06 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average.

This marks another milestone in humanity’s poorly fought battle against climate change as, according to Climate Change Service Deputy Head, Samantha Burgess, this is the first time the number has soared “above 1850-1900 levels.”

Celebrity Impact?

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While celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have tried to light a fire (so to speak) under the global community to spark a change in how humanity chooses to leave its footprint on the world, it’s mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Though some steps have been taken in an attempt to lower the Earth’s ever-growing temperature, there still hasn’t been enough done to affect what we’re seeing from data like this. 

Can Society Change?

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Sadly, if the Earth’s leaders don’t come together to properly change the Earth’s temperature increase, those of us living on the planet are in for a miserable next few decades.

Scientists are already worried that a slew of amphibians are on the road to no return as they’re beginning to go extinct due to the temperature climb.

Although it’s been pushed onto the shoulders of the individuals in our society to make changes where they can, there’s no way that we’ll be able to stop these record-breaking numbers without the help of global corporations.