See How Shredded Dwayne Johnson Is Getting For Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is working out harder than ever before for Black Adam. See how it's going.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is not a man who shies away from leg day. He’s talked a lot about the hard road to success in all things, how he always wants to be the hardest working person in the room, and about his workout routine. Celebrities are often asked about their workouts, and there’s no one out there who does better at getting buff for a role than the former WWE star.

Now, he’s about to star in Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has been talking about this part for years. He was first confirmed in the leading role in 2014. It makes sense, then, that he is working out harder than ever before. And boy, does it show. He recently shared a look at his gym results on Instagram. In the post, he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt so we’ll be sure to notice the results he’s seeing in his legs.

In the caption, Dwayne Johnson says that he is “Black Adam ready”. Below the hashtags, he mentioned that production kicks off this week.

At the start of the lockdowns for the pandemic, Dwayne Johnson shared that he was going all-in on his workouts. During question and answer sessions on Instagram, he shared that he wanted to be in the best shape for Black Adam, but also that he had a lot of rage he needed to work out anyway. During the past year, he has shared many results photos on Instagram. He has also shared a lot of photos of steps he takes for recovery, with special massages and food. The star also posts a lot of updates about his energy drink business, tequila business, progress on Black Adam, and updates on his new television series, Young Rock.

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One thing you don’t see in Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram feed is photos of his workout sessions. Once you notice this, it may lead you to believe that he is eventually going to release a workout program. You could assume that he is not posting how he works out on Instagram because he is protecting workout secrets. However, this is in contradiction with how much information he shares about his workouts during interviews. So why aren’t there behind-the-scenes photos of him lifting weights and shouting while he runs the last mile on the treadmill?

Toward the start of quarantine, he also addressed this in a question and answer session on Instagram. Dwayne Johnson is aware of how lucky he is. When lockdowns began and cut people off from their gyms, most people didn’t have home gyms to turn to. We can all be sure that The Rock has a home gym to be proud of. However, he doesn’t want to rub that in people’s faces during a time when so many are cut off and missing their gym routines. He says that’s why he’s selective about what he shares about his workouts these days, though he does continue to post result photos and motivational videos where he reminds his followers to work hard for what they want. And, of course, to try his new energy drink.

Dwayne Johnson is ready to go on Black Adam. Hopefully, that means he’ll be sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes updates from the set with us soon.