The Dune Trailer Is Finally Here, Go In-Depth With HD Screenshots

Dune is going to be a fascinating experiment in the world of mainstream blockbuster science fiction. And now the first Dune trailer is here.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Dune is going to be a fascinating experiment in the world of mainstream blockbuster science fiction. And now the first Dune trailer is here. Frank Herbert’s game-changing novel has been an enormous influence on so many facets of fantasy, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones. But, the epic tome is filled with tons of awesome weirdness that is going to be a big sell for audiences? Will they buy into it?

Well, here is our first real look at Dune. Judge for yourself with the Dune trailer below.

Director Denis Villeneuve is bringing all of his chilly polish to Dune, and the results in the Dune trailer are both exciting and a little underwhelming. This first film is going to introduce audiences to the royal intrigue involving the galactic royal families, and it certainly looks like those elements will be heavily influenced by the more drab color decisions of shows like Game of Thrones.

Here’s a comparison of what the final Worm money shot in the Dune trailer looks like as is, and if they’d made it a little brighter…

Dune trailer
Original Dune Trailer Version
Dune trailer brightened
Brightened Version

However, this first look Dune trailer does hint at some of the weirder stuff in store for the story. We get to see Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) undergo the Gom Jabbar test and we got a few quick peeks at the monstrous Harkonnen family, played by Dave Bautista and Stellan Skarsgård. And, of course, the famous sandworms make an appearance at the end of the trailer. That will leave some folks talking.

And it is very clear that Warner Bros. has spent significant money on Dune. The production design is absolutely stellar in this first Dune trailer. All the costumes, sets, and location shoots all look astounding. Dune is often referred to as The Lord of the Rings for science fiction fans, and it looks like Warner Bros. might be spending The Lord of the Rings levels of cash on this production.

Go in-depth and see the level of detail at work with our massive gallery of screenshot taken straight from the new trailer…

What is most intriguing about this Dune trailer is the song choice: “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd from their seminal album The Dark Side of the Moon. This album is considered the cornerstone of psychedelic rock, and Dune‘s story eventually goes to some very trippy and mind-bending places. This first trailer is attempting to sell folks on the larger sci-fi war elements, but Dune eventually becomes a messiah story that integrates elements of psychedelia in very prominent ways. Those elements are going to be a lot harder for mainstream audiences to get excited about, but the inclusion of the Pink Floyd track hints at some nuttier stuff to come.

For example, there’s this…

Dune trailer

We’re pretty sure that the above from the Dune trailer is a Guild Navigator. One of the more bizarre creations of Dune, a human so modified by use of the Spice that they can navigate starships and no longer really are human at all.

It looks like Dune is still planning to release on December 18. Some sources had reported that Warner Bros. was considering pushing the film to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this trailer seems to state that the December release date is still happening.

Are you excited for Dune? Has this first trailer sold you on the film? Hopefully so. This first film is intended to be part of a duology, but the second film has yet to be shot. Warner Bros. are waiting to see if Dune will be profitable enough to merit a follow-up film. If it isn’t, this could be Denis Villeneuve’s only opportunity at adapting Frank Herbert’s sci-fi world. Here’s hoping Dune can make the money it needs and we can see the complete story be told.