Exclusive: Dragon Age Netflix Series In Development

A Giant Freakin Robot trusted and proven source has an exclusive that Netflix is actively developing a live-action adaptation of Dragon Age

By Doug Norrie | Updated

dragon age

With so many video games being adapted to television series and movies when it is all said and done it stands to reason that every game will get its own live-action production. But some are better options than others and that is what we have with this latest news. Giant Freakin Robot has the exclusive from a trusted and proven source that Dragon Age is getting a series on Netflix and the show is in active development right now. This has the chance to be a massive world-building affair. 

There are few details around what a Netflix Dragon Age series would look like, but based on the original game, there are a number of ways for this to go with significant latitude around character development especially. Unlike some other video game adaptations, the role-playing aspect of the game would give creative options for new characters, especially not often afforded by other productions. Sure, there are rules to this Dragon Age world with set starting characters, but they aren’t as clearly defined as other shows we’ve seen produced based on video game IP. 

Created by BioWare, Dragon Age is a franchise at this point, encompassing a number of different video game titles that have been released on all of the major platforms. There are four main series games (Origins, II, Inquisition, 4) and four spin-off games (Journeys, Legends, Heroes of Dragon Age, and The Last Court) which have been released over the last decade-plus. It stands to reason this series would begin around the relative events of Origins which works to world-build around the beginning aspects of the world. 

Like a number of other legacy role-playing games, there are world elements in Dragon Age that have similar through-lines to standard RPGs. Set in the world of Theda, the original game implements elements of high fantasy wherein humans are part of the world, but so are elves, mages, dwarves, and the rest of the fantasy crew you’d expect to see in these settings. Theda is an insular world but broken into factions and territories that have geopolitical aspects to them. 

And of course, with any series, there is the question of what we would be signing up for in terms of story and antagonist. While Dragon Age has a number of companion players that would almost definitely get a chance as key characters in any story, there is also the trouble this world sits on the edge of to start. That is the attack of the Darkspawn which surface every few hundred years to reign terror on the region. It is called the Blight, and this would almost assuredly be where a new series began, working on the eve of this event. 

Netflix isn’t new to the video game adaptation, having already produced The Witcher which is heading into its second season. It has been one of the platform’s most popular offerings, becoming one of the most-streamed series ever for the streaming service. One could imagine a Dragon Age series reaching similar heights if done well. There is the source material for *ahem* ages here and plenty of worlds to build. I am sure we will get more news on the new series sooner than later.