Coyote vs. Acme Star Says Movie Is Incredible And Dead

By Christopher Isaac | Published

It has already been heavily discussed how Warner Bros. Discovery is apparently deciding not to release yet another movie, this time that being Coyote Vs. Acme. Between all the talk about whether studios should be allowed to scrap finished movies to get a tax break, there has also been speculation as to whether Coyote Vs. Acme was just a bad movie and that is why the studio canned it. However, one of the movies stars, Will Forte, says he has seen the finished product and it is “incredible”.

Will Forte Thinks The Movie Is Incredible

Forte admits he was as skeptical as anyone else about Coyote Vs. Acme, despite him being in the movie. Just because someone acts in a movie does not mean they know all the scenes, how the story wraps up, or how it will be edited and scored. So Forte admits that without having seen the finished product, he figured if Warner Bros. Discovery were throwing the movie away, it probably was a “hunk of junk.” But now that he has seen the final movie, he is stunned, saddened, and angry that audiences will likely never see the movie too.

Warner Bros History

Hearing this will likely only further incense fans against the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, who was already not that popular before this. Even prior to Coyote Vs. Acme, Warner Bros. had already thrown out two other virtually finished movies: Batgirl, and a new animated Scooby Doo movie, Scoob! Holiday Haunt. All three movies were scrapped to give the studio tax breaks to recoup unreleased products. Fans are very concerned that this tactic will become more commonplace among other movie studios, leading to fewer risks and less creativity among writers who are afraid that venturing too far outside the box could get their movie pulled just before the finish line.

Will Forte Doesn’t Agree With Warner Bros

Will Forte shared his full thoughts about Coyote Vs. Acme on Instagram and heaped great praise on the project. He called it funny, sweet, and sincere and complimented the visuals as well. He noted that as the credits rolled he could not comprehend how the studio could not want to release such a good movie. He acknowledged that while it is the studio’s property and they can do whatever they please with it, he does not have to like it. And he clarified that in regards to the decision from Warner Bros., “I fu**king hate it.”

Up For Auction

To be fair to Warner Bros. they did decide to try and auction the film once criticism began to roll in about not releasing it. They were asking for $70 million for another company to buy Coyote Vs. Acme off their hands. Unfortunately, even companies like Netflix and Paramount would only go as high as $50 million. So it seems even beyond Warner Bros. that studios do not have faith in the movie. Which is surprising given the talent involved, like Hollywood star John Cena, and Oscar winning composer Steven Price.

Doomed To Never Be Seen

Despite all the outrage and fanfare, it seems Coyote Vs. Acme will be destined to remain on the sidelines alongside Batgirl and Scoob Holiday Haunt, leaving people to wonder about the potential of these movies. But if Will Forte is to be believed, Warner Bros. had something special on their hands with Coyote Vs. Acme.