The Netflix Dark Violent Thriller Goes Into Terrifying Corners Of Your Mind

By TeeJay Small | Published


Filmmaker Alistair Legrand recently gained notoriety after signing on to direct a film adaptation of Stephen King’s 2011 novella Mile 81. If you’re a Stephen King fanatic, hoping the forthcoming adaptation is in good hands, your safest bet to confirm would be to check out Legrand’s previous feature outing, 2017’s Clinical.

Clinical is a twisted psychological thriller that centers on the field of psychiatry, almost guaranteed to leave audiences with gut-wrenching nightmares.

Clinical On Netflix

Clinical is currently available to stream on Netflix, as the film was a Netflix original production, marking the first collaboration between the streamer and the filmmaker.

The film was written and directed by French filmmaker Alistair Legrand, with additional writing credits to Luke Harvis, who is also slated to write the screenplay for the upcoming Stephen King outing.

Clinical stars Nightcrawler‘s Kevin Rahm, as well as India Eisley, Nestor Serrano, and Wilmer Calderon. The film also reunites Vinessa Shaw and Aaron Stanford on screen, after the two previously starred as a leading couple in 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes.

The Clinical Psychiatrist

Clinical centers on a psychiatrist named Dr. Jane Mathis who specializes in the field of confrontational therapy. After an unfortunate incident with a dangerous patient, Mathis develops PTSD and sleep paralysis, which leads her to seek help from a peer.

Against the wishes of her peers, Dr. Mathis continues to actively take on new clients, including a young man named Alex, who ends up sleepwalking inside the psychiatrist’s personal residence shortly thereafter.

Shifting Back And Forth


As the narrative of Clinical continues to shift back and forth from flashbacks to the modern day, the audience sees Dr. Mathis treating both Alex and Nora, the patient who became physically abusive in her office.

Through flashbacks, we see that Nora initially began her therapy due to the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father.

Jumping back to the present day, Jane continues to visit Nora in the institution where she is being detained, though orderly staff inform her that Jane has recently been released due to a lack of funds.

Sharp Twists And Turns


After reviewing security footage of Nora’s tenure within the institution, it becomes clear that she launches into a violent rage any time her father is discussed, as part of a harrowing trauma response.

Clinical continues to show the struggles of Dr. Mathis’ two troubled patients. The film takes a number of sharp twists and turns sure to make the audience’s stomach churn, with a constant underlying anxiety plaguing the narrative.

No Much Impact


While Netflix execs tend to remain tight-lipped about figures such as production budgets and return on investment, fans can surmise that the film made little of a financial splash for the streamer based on the little information available.

For starters, Clinical seemed to come and go without impacting the pop culture zeitgeist, and currently has no critic score on Rotten Tomatoes due to a lack of overall ratings.

Clinical Streaming On Netflix


Unfortunately, the film failed to wow general audiences as well, as it currently holds a 23 percent audience score, ascertained by accumulating over 250 ratings.

While audiences have mixed feelings about the film, generally speaking, there are certainly many interesting twists in the movie. If you haven’t yet had the chance, be sure to stream Clinical on Netflix today!