Cillian Murphy Hates One Of His Best Movies

By April Ryder | Updated

cillian murphy red eye

In a recent interview, Oscar nominee, Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer), went on record saying that he doesn’t think his 2005 hit movie Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven is anything to be excited about. Blatantly stated, Murphy said, “I don’t think it’s a good movie.”

Cillian Murphy And Rachel McAdams

He clearly stated that he believes Rachel McAdams’ (Mean Girls) performance in the film was top-notch, but he feels like the movie as a whole is just “a good B movie.”

But, Cillian Murphy’s lead role in Red Eye and the compelling performance of Rachel McAdams was anything but subpar, according to viewers. 

Red Eye Scored Well With Critics

Red Eye scored high with critics upon its release, scoring an 80 percent approval rate on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, and the movie made more than its cost in earnings at the box office. On just a $26 million budget, Cillian Murphy’s villainous performance in Red Eye grossed nearly $100 million worldwide. 

Cillian Murphy Liked The Character

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Cillian Murphy went on to discuss the main reason why he took the role of Jackson Rippner in Red Eye in the first place.

Upon reading the pitch for the film, Murphy was intrigued by the duality of Rippner’s character. He talked about how he wanted to play the role because Jackson Rippner is “the nice guy and the bad guy in one.” 

For the unfamiliar, Cillian Murphy plays a seemingly normal guy (who turns out to be a rather threatening terrorist) named Jackson Rippner in Red Eye. The story takes place during one eventful and terrifying red-eye flight to Miami. 

A Mid-Air Thriller

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Rachel McAdams plays Lisa Reisert who first meets Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy) before boarding a red-eye flight.

The two have cordial conversations and even drinks before boarding their flight. When Lisa realizes Jackson is seated right beside her on the plane she is surprised, and his charming demeanor quickly changes once the plane is up in the air. 

When Lisa finds out that Jackson is a domestic terrorist looking to use her in his plan to assassinate the current United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, she has to figure out how to alert authorities without paying the ultimate consequence. 

Cillian Murphy Is Wrong?

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Though Cillian Murphy may not think Red Eye was a good film, millions of people around the world were willing to put their money down to see it. Murphy has also since gone on to a very lucrative and successful career on screen.

That’s not to say that Cillian Murphy got his start in Red Eye, but it is to say that the actor isn’t known for making “B” movies. 

Streaming Red Eye

However, you could make that judgment for yourself, as Cillian Murphy’s Red Eye is currently available for streaming on several different streaming channels. A quick Google search will have you viewing the flick in no time at all. 

Before you plan a family gathering, be forewarned; Red Eye is rated ‘PG-13’ and has a runtime of around an hour and a half. You may not want to press play until the kids are off to bed for the evening. 
Source: GQ