Christopher Nolan Speaks About Next James Bond Movie

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

The Golden Globe Awards are always something to behold, and this year’s was no exception. In its glamorous aftermath, in the thick of buzz and celebrations, a question resurfaced, one long intriguing fan of the spy genre and beloved James Bond franchise: would acclaimed director Christopher Nolan assume the mantle of directing a James Bond film? Sorry for Bond and Nolan fans—but the director’s response to the rumors was decidedly dismissive.  

Pure Bollocks

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Confronted with this question in the whirlwind of the Golden Globes, Nolan’s response was straightforward and unequivocal, describing the speculation surrounding his potential Bond film as “bollocks.” While this probably saddened fans, it’s also worth noting that the director’s current stance differs notably from his previous interest in lending his creative vision to the iconic franchise. That said, Nolan’s emphasis on the choice phrase—”pure bollocks”—certainly leaves little room for ambiguity. 

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Wins Big At The Golden Globes

For those eagerly awaiting Christopher Nolan’s unique cinematic vision applied to the world of James Bond, the revelation is probably a significant letdown. After all, critics and audiences worldwide love Nolan’s innovative storytelling and technological prowess. Overall, the 2024 Golden Globes were a dazzling spectacle—marked by the pronounced triumph of Nolan’s latest film, OppenheimerThe atmosphere of accomplishment surrounding Nolan and his film, which won Best Motion Picture Drama, served as a fitting backdrop for questions about the director’s next move. Nolan himself, it bears saying, also snagged the accolade for Best Director. Additionally, the studio behind the director’s thriving film, Universal, jubilantly celebrated a sweep of awards. 

Christopher Nolan Previously Showed Interest In Directing A James Bond Film

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Of course, in the fanfare, press and industry insiders couldn’t help considering the future for Nolan. You can’t blame them—in the past, Christopher Nolan had voiced an interest in at least exploring the opportunity to direct a James Bond movie. The success Nolan and his team enjoyed at the Globes for their biopic of the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, constitutes a reminder of director’s talent. Specifically, his knack for engaging audiences with his his distinctive vision. Regardless of the genre—sci-fi, psychological thrillers, or historical epics: the artist draws audiences and wins awards. 

The Development Of The Atomic Bomb

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Oppenheimer relates the fascinating, complex, controversial, and tragic story of physicist Robert Oppenheimer’s life and times. Tasked with developing an atomic bomb by the American government during World War II—all in the concerted effort to beat the Nazi Germans to the punch—Oppenheimer gathered the best scientists in the world in New Mexico (many of whom were themselves exiles from Nazi-controlled Europe). There, they turned terrifying theory into unfathomably more terrifying reality and built two atom bombs.

What’s Christopher Nolan’s Next Move?

As the award show wound down into the wee hours of the morning—as industry talk and networking continued—the newfound clarity on Christopher Nolan’s stance regarding the James Bond franchise closed one speculative chapter. Now, fans and industry operators must further speculate: what’s Nolan’s next move? Who will undertake the next Bond installments? Important questions, indeed. Source: Deadline