Christopher Nolan Returning To Warner Bros.? Director Responds And Fans Are Stunned

By Britta DeVore | Published

It’s been just over 10 years since Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Batman trilogy with 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and audiences still view the films (particularly The Dark Knight) as the best work to come from the studio. After his work on 2013’s Man of Steel as one of the story writers and producers, Nolan parted ways with the DC section of Warner Bros. with 2020’s Tenet being his final pairing with the studio as a whole.

However, those who have long wished for the award-winning filmmaker to re-team with the studio could have their prayers answered as, according to an interview with Variety, Nolan is more than up to return to the fold.

Christopher Nolan Approves Of Recent Changes At Warner Bros. Discovery

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When quizzed about the possibility of a collaboration with the new high brass at Warner Bros. Discovery, Christopher Nolan said, “Oh yeah, absolutely,” adding, “Pam and Mike and Zaslav, they’re trying to do some great things with that studio, which is encouraging to see.”

Music to the ears of Christopher Nolan fans everywhere, it was just as encouraging to hear him say (or rather read) these words. Under a new direction since 2022, Warner Bros. merged with Discovery to make an entirely new brand. Now, David Zaslav serves as CEO with Pam Abdy and Michael De Luca joining as the heads of the movie department. Since their takeover, the trio have made some shake-ups at the studio which have been appreciated by some and demonized by others. 

Shared Views On Streaming

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But, clearly, Christopher Nolan is a fan of the changes made over at Warner Bros. Discovery as he’s eager to get back into the game with the studio. One of the areas in which Nolan and the Warner Bros. Discovery bosses agree is in their shared views of the future of streaming. Rather than outsourcing their material to other competitors like Netflix, the company wants to keep it all on its home turf of HBO Max or Disney+.

Working With Peter Safran And James Gunn

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Another factor that could shape Christopher Nolan’s possible return to Warner Bros. Discovery – specifically for a DC film – is how he would deal with working with the new studio heads, Peter Safran and James Gunn. Stepping in around this time last year to save the comic-turned-film studio from the edge of disrepair, the duo has been busy planning and penning an entirely new DCEU. With Nolan’s background in the previous regime, it’s unclear if he could mesh with the direction in which things are changing.

Furthermore, Christopher Nolan was likely a bit chaffed last year when early reactions to The Flash were calling it the best DC film since his Batman trilogy and possibly even better. However, the Memento director had the last laugh when the Ezra Miller-led feature crashed and burned at the box office.

Nolan’s Previous Work With Warner Bros.

Beyond his work with the superhero facet of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan also created other major box office bangers for the studio. In 2014, Warner Bros. handled the international distribution of the Matt Damon, Anne Hathaway, and Matthew McConaughey-led Interstellar and again paired with the company in 2017 for the war epic, Dunkirk, and in 2020 for the sci-fi flick, Tenet. Making a break for it, the director’s latest stroke of genius, Oppenheimer, was made alongside Universal Pictures. 

Would Warner Bros. Welcome Him Back With Open Arms?

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Although Christopher Nolan’s comment was short, it was also sweet and informative. Should Warner Bros. Discovery play its cards right, they may be able to once again pair with one of the best filmmakers of the time.