Christopher Nolan Finally Directing His Passion Project?

By Jason Collins | Updated

christopher nolan
Christopher Nolan

Let’s be honest: Christopher Nolan makes some really good movies. Take the recently released Oppenheimer or The Dark Knight trilogy as examples. Or Inception, Dunkirk, and Interstellar; all fantastic releases. Now, according to World of Reel, Christopher Nolan has been in discussions with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli to direct the next installment in the world’s most famous spy franchise.

World of Reel obtained this information from their own source, which—besides being described as incredibly accurate—also stated that the only issue right now seems to be the amount of creative freedom Nolan would need for the upcoming James Bond movie.

World of Reel reports that Christopher Nolan is in talks with James Bond producer Barbara Broccolo to direct the next two James Bond films.

It would seem that the purported negotiations involve Christopher Nolan writing and directing two James Bond films. According to the same source, Eon Productions and Amazon are pushing hard to get Nolan on board with the project, which shouldn’t be a problem, at least in principle, if his need for creative freedom is met.  

It’s also worth noting that, following the apparent death of Daniel Craig‘s Bond in No Time to Die, Eon might be looking for a full reboot for the modern era, with Christopher Nolan making modern adaptations of Ian Fleming’s novels.

For those wondering about Amazon’s involvement, the company now owns MGM, the studio responsible for releasing James Bond films, and World of Reel states that both Amazon and Eon are placing their bets on Nolan making the next two or three James Bond films before assuming the role of an executive producer for future releases.  

The push on their part seems to continue, especially since Nolan, at least purportedly, wants the job. Other reasons include money, of course, since Nolan usually delivers critically and commercially successful movies, and speaking from the fandom’s perspective, there’s really no better person for the job. There are also no words on an actor who might assume Craig’s role; some reports suggest Aaron Taylor-Johnson, which wouldn’t be surprising considering that he’s actually very much in demand now.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Could Be The Next James Bond

aaron taylor-johnson
Aaron Tayor-Johnson in Bullet Train

Taylor-Johnson previously worked with Christopher Nolan on Tenet, and his role in 2022’s Bullet Train showcased him as a well-dressed, good-looking individual who’s handy with a gun, so we have no doubt that he’d make a fine James Bondif rumors turn out to be true.

If not, please allow us to fan-cast Charlie Hunnam; he was really stylish in 2019’s The Gentlemen. James Bond fandom is known for its fan-casting efforts, and other names include Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Lucien Laviscount, and Tom Hardy.

There are some unanswered questions regarding Christopher Nolan and James Bond. What would happen if Eon and Amazon didn’t reach a favorable deal with the director? Is it back to the drawing board for these companies?

One thing is sure: Barbara Broccoli is one bad lady (and we think that in a good and respectful way), and we already know she won’t collaborate with anyone who doesn’t have the franchise’s best interest in mind. So, the question remains: will Amazon and Eon grant Nolan his creative freedom, or will these rumors remain just that—passing rumors?