The Chris Pine Historical Action Movie Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

Prepare to traverse the rugged landscapes of 14th-century Scotland with Chris Pine in the riveting historical drama, The Outlaw King, now streaming on Netflix. Witness a tale of courage, betrayal, and honor as Pine transforms into Robert the Bruce, a fearless warrior and king, steering his nation through the trials of war and the pursuit of freedom. 

This gripping narrative promises not only a deep dive into a turbulent era but also a profound exploration of leadership and rebellion, brought to life with an enthralling performance by Pine. Tune in to embark on a journey where valor meets history, and legends are forged in the fires of battle.

The Outlaw King stars Chris Pine as Scotland’s Robert the Bruce

In The Outlaw King, Chris Pine steps magnificently into the shoes of Robert the Bruce, a nobleman who finds himself embroiled in the fraught and tumultuous events of 14th-century Scotland. As the newly crowned King of Scots, he is thrust into a vicious struggle for Scotland’s independence from English rule, a fight characterized by gritty battles, shifting alliances, and a fierce determination to reclaim his nation’s freedom.

Set in the years following William Wallace’s (Mel Gibson anyone?) uprising, the movie offers a raw and unflinching glance into the brutality of medieval warfare. Pine’s portrayal of Robert is both raw and nuanced, showcasing a leader who is as strategic and diplomatic as he is valiant.

Accompanying Chris Pine in this gritty venture is a stellar ensemble cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Douglas, a loyal supporter of Robert, and Florence Pugh who portrays Elizabeth de Burgh, Robert’s strong-willed and compassionate wife. Stephen Dillane takes on the role of King Edward I of England, the imposing adversary seeking to maintain a grip on Scotland.

Joining Chris Pine in The Outlaw King are Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Florence Pugh

With a storyline rich in historical intricacies and personal dramas, The Outlaw King crafts a vivid tableau of a nation rallying behind a man who is determined to carve out a future of freedom and dignity for his people. The film adeptly combines historical fact with cinematic spectacle, offering viewers a gripping account of Scotland’s fight for independence.

chris pine

The Outlaw King garnered a mixed bag of critical reviews, but a consistent praise was directed towards Chris Pine’s compelling portrayal of the historical figure, Robert the Bruce. Critics lauded Pine for departing from his well-known roles in blockbuster franchises to take on a character layered with complexity and depth.

Chris Pine embraced the role with a dedicated fervor, effectively capturing the essence of a reluctant leader who evolves into a fierce and determined king, fighting against the oppressive English rule.

Aside from Chris Pine’s performance, the movie itself was praised for its visually stunning cinematography and authentic representation of the time period, showcasing the harsh realities of medieval Scotland.

The film’s unflinching depiction of brutal battle scenes and the somber tones of political intrigue were both hailed as strengths, offering a raw and gritty glimpse into 14th-century warfare and politics.

However, critics were not unanimous in their praise. Some found fault in the pacing of the narrative, feeling that the movie at times sacrificed depth and development for the sake of action sequences. Others felt the film didn’t fully explore the motivations and the inner complexities of its characters, resulting in somewhat of a disconnect in the emotional resonance of the plot.

Despite the criticisms, Chris Pine’s central performance was often singled out as a highlight, showcasing a mature and restrained depiction of a leader caught in the swirling vortex of ambition, duty, and patriotism, proving once again his range and versatility as an actor.

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The movie, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, served as a substantial platform for Pine to showcase his prowess in tackling meatier, more dramatic roles, further cementing his status as a Hollywood A-lister capable of more than just action-hero fare.

As The Outlaw King takes its bow, it leaves us with a rich, albeit gritty tapestry of Scotland’s turbulent history, anchored firmly by Chris Pine’s commanding performance. Whether a seasoned history buff or simply a lover of well-crafted cinema, this portrayal of Robert the Bruce’s embattled journey to reclaim Scotland’s freedom stands as a testament to Pine’s evolving artistry and the ever-enthralling saga of Scotland’s fight for freedom. 

Now streaming on Netflix, this historical epic promises an immersive dip into a time of heroism and treachery, with the magnetic Chris Pine steering the helm. Don’t miss the chance to witness a seminal moment in Scottish history brought vividly to life through modern cinema’s lens.