Chris Farley Was At His Peak In This Adventure Comedy You Can Stream Right Now

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

chris farley almost heroes
Chris Farley in Almost Heroes

The 1998 Chris Farley adventure comedy film, Almost Heroes is currently streaming on Tubi. The movie, directed by Christopher Guest from a script by Mark Nutter, Tom Wolfe, and Boyd Hale, is narrated by Guest’s friend and frequent collaborator Harry Shearer. The story is set in the early 19th century and follows the misadventures of two bumbling explorers.

The film begins with Leslie Edwards (Matthew Perry), a refined and educated British aristocrat, trying to join the prestigious Royal Explorers Society. However, he is dismissed as a joke, deemed unworthy of being a true explorer. To assist him on his expedition, he enlists the help of Bartholomew Hunt (Chris Farley), a supposedly experienced wilderness expert and tracker.

Almost Heroes stars Chris Farley as Bartholomew Hunt and Matthew Perry as Leslie Edwards as explorers on 1800s.

However, as they set out on their journey to explore the American frontier and reach the Pacific before Lewis and Clark, it becomes evident that Hunt (Chris Farley) is not as skilled as he claimed to be. The duo faces a series of hilarious and challenging situations as they encounter various obstacles and eccentric characters along their journey.

Throughout the film, Chris Farley brings his trademark physical comedy and slapstick humor to Bartholomew Hunt, while Matthew Perry’s character, Leslie Edwards, relies on his wit and intelligence. The two actors’ comedic styles complement each other well, creating a lighthearted and entertaining dynamic on screen.

Despite its talented cast and amusing premise, Almost Heroes earned a dismal $6 million at the domestic box office against a budget of $30 million. The movie was also slammed by critics and currently holds a 5 percent rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The site’s general consensus describes the film as a sorry swan song for the talented Chris Farley, who died five months before it was released.

Almost Heroes earned a dismal $6 million at the domestic box office against a budget of $30 million.

After Chris Farley’s death, the studio decided to re-edit the film to give it a more significant focus on Farley’s character, Bartholomew Hunt. Before Matthew Perry was cast as Leslie Edwards, Farley’s close friend and fellow Saturday Night Live alum David Spade was considered for the role. However, Spade declined the offer, and the part eventually went to Perry.

Almost Heroes was also dedicated to the memory of John Candy, another beloved comedic actor who passed away in 1994. Candy and Chris Farley were often compared due to their similar physical comedy styles and larger-than-life personas. Over the years, Almost Heroes has garnered a small cult following, particularly among those who enjoy irreverent and slapstick humor.

While not considered a classic in the comedy genre, Almost Heroes holds sentimental value for many fans of the late comedian. From a young age, Chris Farley displayed a talent for making people laugh and often used comedy to cope with his insecurities. He attended Marquette University, where he pursued a degree in communications and theater.

Chris Farley’s Comedic And Tragic Life

After college, Chris Farley joined Chicago’s famous improv comedy troupe, The Second City, where he honed his comedic skills and developed memorable characters. His performances at The Second City caught the attention of Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live, leading to his casting on the show in 1990.

Chris Farley quickly became one of the standout performers on Saturday Night Live. He was known for his boisterous energy, physical comedy, and creating iconic characters like motivational speaker Matt Foley and a bumbling version of a talk show host on “The Chris Farley Show.” His performances earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Chris Farley eventually ventured into film and starred in several comedies with his friend and fellow SNL cast member, David Spade. Some of his notable movie roles include Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Almost Heroes. Behind the scenes, Farley battled personal demons, including substance abuse and weight problems, which affected his health and well-being.

Chris Farley Bob Odenkirk
Chris Farley in Tommy Boy

Unfortunately, Chris Farley’s struggle with addiction eventually led to his untimely death at the age of 33 on December 18, 1997. His passing was a significant loss to the entertainment industry and left his fans mourning the loss of a comedic talent with so much potential.

In the wake of his passing, the Chris Farley Foundation was established by his family to raise awareness about drug addiction and to support those seeking recovery. The foundation aims to prevent substance abuse and promote healthy lifestyle choices, honoring Farley’s memory and the impact he had on so many people.

Chris Farley’s legacy lives on through his iconic film performances, such as Almost Heroes. He is remembered for his contagious laughter, physicality, and the joy he brought to audiences. Farley’s comedic style continues to inspire and influence aspiring comedians and actors.