Chris Evans Didn’t Want To Say Buzz’s Most Iconic Line In Lightyear

Sometimes taking over an iconic role is hard to deal with, and that is certainly the case for Chris Evans who had trouble saying Buzz Lightyear's most iconic line.

By James Brizuela | Published

chris evans

Chris Evans is currently one of the biggest actors in the world, and it stands to reason that he appreciates the people that have come before him to take on iconic roles. One such person is Tim Allen, who was the longtime voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise. Although Evans is now taking on the role of the character that inspired the toy from the film in the film Lightyear, he found it intimidating to record Buzz’s most famous line, “To Infinity and beyond.” According to Evans, “It’s tough, I mean, the first time you have to do that iconic line, ‘To infinity and beyond,’ you kinda just do a shameless Tim Allen impression, ’cause it’s intimidating.”

It’s kind of heartwarming that Chris Evans would think enough of Tim Allen to not want to essentially “redo” one of the most famous lines in Disney history. Even more so is the fact that he respects the position that he is in to take on the role of one of the most iconic characters in Disney’s arsenal as well. Buzz Lightyear became a household name after Toy Story came out in 1995. Even though Woody was the main protagonist of the film, Buzz took over the spotlight. He even has his own ride at the Disneyland theme parks around the world. Evans understands how popular Tim Allen made the character too. The actor added, “But Angus and everyone at Pixar was so collaborative and you kinda let them guide you, and eventually you feel comfortable enough to try and make your own tracks in the snow and find your own interpretation, while still using Tim Allen as the blueprint.”

Although Toy Story 4 came out in 2019 and all but ended that franchise, the Buzz Lightyear story is rocketing off into its own dimension. Chris Evans is voicing Buzz Lightyear in what is going to be the story of the astronaut that the toy is based on. Buzz finds himself as a space ranger for Star Command, and he is a bit of a wildcard. While on a mission, Buzz is launched through a wormhole and into the future. There he finds the granddaughter of his former partner, who he must aid to take down the villainous Emperor Zurg and return to his own timeline. This looks to be one of the most ambitious Pixar films, even more so because they are basically rewriting the script on Buzz Lightyear. Evans is joined by Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, Uzo Aduba, Dale Soules, James Brolin, and Peter Soh.

Lightyear is headed to theaters on June 17th, which is only a few days away. Fans of the Buzz Lightyear character will get to see a new take on the toy that everyone fell in love with. Chris Evans does sound good as Buzz, and you can tell there is a bit of Tim Allen in his voice, but that should be seen as paying homage to the man that came before him. There is no telling if this new film is meant to restart the Toy Story franchise with a new director, but we will all soon find out. The film looks like a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to see Buzz take on the destructive villain, Zurg. We know the little aliens from the claw machine won’t be in this timeline, but it would be hilarious if they made a cameo.