See Charlie Cox In The Original, Comic-Accurate Daredevil Suit

Check out what Charlie Cox could look like as the MCU's Daredevil in a suit that is very comic book accurate in the overall scheme

By Doug Norrie | Published

charlie cox

With many of the Marvel characters from Netflix making their way into the MCU over the next phase or two, there’s been some anticipation and excitement about whether their looks would remain the same, or if there would be some updates. We haven’t gotten many clues about that yet, though we have seen at least one of these guys already show up on the big screen in character. That was Charlie Cox who had his first appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. In this case, he was just performing lawyering duties as Matt Murdock, so we never saw him in costume. But at least one fan has come up with what Cox’s new Daredevil look could be when he finally dons the suit in a production.

Instagram user @bobby_art took a crack at the Daredevil suit for Charlie Cox, trying to stay within the bounds of comic book accuracy. He mentions that there have been rumors the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character will have more of the red and yellow theme that Daredevil had in the 1964 original. That one is way too cartoony to play within the MCU, with the yellow altogether too bright the overall look more resembles a cheesy professional wrestler. But thematically, there’s an effort to incorporate some of the hues here for Charlie Cox, something that could bridge the gap between the original character and what we saw on Netflix. Check it out:

It’s toned down for sure from what the comic book yellow suit held for Daredevil, but there’s definitely a difference from what we saw on Netflix. And though this is just a fan’s interpretation of what Charlie Cox could sport when he first shows up on-screen as the character, it would make sense for Marvel to want to distance the character just a little from what happened on Netflix, even if just for dividing lines. In that way, at least a minor suit change should be in the works for Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. 

What’s unclear for Charlie Cox, beyond the Daredevil suit, is just when we will see the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Again, he’s clearly there having sat down with Peter Parker and company in No Way Home to dispense legal advice and signal that he very much has the powers, but where he shows up next isn’t set in stone. Speculation is that it will be in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. That’s the Disney+ series set to follow Jessica Walters’s trials and tribulations as a lawyer who also has the Green inside of her following a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner. Charlie Cox as Murdock entering the fray as another attorney would make sense, at least occupationally, though it hasn’t been confirmed that he’s part of the series yet.

Time will tell on when Charlie Cox first comes on the scene as Daredevil, though it won’t be long. The plan is to bring over almost all of the Netflix group into the MCU mix and since he’s technically been the first, he should also be the first one to suit up as well.