Chandler Riggs Is Peter Parker In Upcoming Spider-Man Horror Movie

By Jason Collins | Published

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The Spider-Man movie franchise has been going strong for more than two decades now despite going through a reboot. However, the story of a teenager bitten by a radioactive spider sounds great in the realm of superheroes, but not so much when you twist the narrative a bit to get the Spider-Man version of The Fly. Whether or not that’s the case with the upcoming Spider-Man horror movie remains to be seen, but The Walking Dead‘s Chandler Riggs is scheduled to star as Peter Parker.  

Before we dive into the subject matter any further, we have to mention that the upcoming Spider-Man horror movie, starring Chandler Riggs, isn’t an official part of the MCU, nor the current Spiderverse. Instead, the upcoming movie seems to be a fan film of the horror genre, possibly portraying Spider-Man as a human-spider hybrid rather than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all came to know and love. There’s a real shortage of details surrounding the project, but it would seem that the horrific iteration will be based on Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This means that it will most likely include characters such as Peter Parker, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacey, and Mary Jane. Furthermore, the footage of Chandler Riggs as Spider-Man has been making rounds on social media, which only confirms the rumors about the horror Spider-Man being made. Chandler Riggs rose to prominence for his regular role as Carl Grimes on ABC’s horror drama television series The Walking Dead—a role that landed him three Saturn Awards from five nominations and a Young Artist Award from three nominations.

chandler riggs superman
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead

So, while we all love Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, casing Chandler Riggs as the horror version of the iconic character is actually a pretty reasonable idea—you don’t want to mix and match different iterations, in case you want to mix different universes at some point down the timeline. And we’re still wondering about the horror version of Spider-Man. Is he a human-spider hybrid, or is the upcoming Spider-Man horror actually an adaptation of some of the darkest storylines from the comics, such as Kraven’s Last Hunt, Back in Black, or The Other: Evolve or Die?

It’s important to note that Chandler Riggs’s Spider-Man isn’t the first time someone came up with the idea to make horror Spider-Man. Back in 1985, the rights to Spider-Man were held by Cannon Films, whose owners contemplated a horror version of Spider-Man, which was a far cry from the typical Spider-Man movie. As a matter of fact, their version, which was never shot, shared more in common with David Cronenberg’s The Fly than it did with the superhero genre. But the movie wasn’t made, and Cannon ultimately lost the rights to the movie.

This left the cinematic portion of the Spider-Man franchise in production limbo for well over a decade until Sam Raimi picked it up and made it into something resembling a modern interpretation. So, while we would like to see The Other: Evolve or Die storyline adapted by Marvel/Sony, a horror movie adaptation starring Chandler Riggs certainly sounds very interesting.