Star Trek’s USS Defiant Is Secretly The Hero Ship Of A Non-Star Trek, 2020 Sci-Fi Movie

By Josh Tyler | Updated

The USS Defiant is the hero ship of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and one of the most iconic starships of the Star Trek franchise. It’s also the hero ship of the 2020 independent sci-fi film Cargo, a movie that has nothing to do with Star Trek at all.

Defiant in Cargo
Defiant in 2020’s Cargo

The Defiant’s shape is extremely distinctive. She looks nothing like any other ship, Starfleet or otherwise. Therefore it’s particularly weird that a filmmaker decided to grab that particular model and use it as the hero ship of his sci-fi movie, presumably without Paramount’s permission.

Star Trek's Defiant
Defiant as seen on Star Trek

But, as you can see from the screenshots included with this article, a Defiant model has very clearly been slapped on the front end of Cargo’s hero ship.

Scene from the movie Cargo
Defiant stuck on the end of Pushpack 634A

In Cargo the ship is called Pushpack 634A. The section of the movie’s floating monstrosity that the Defiant has been used to construct contains the ship’s cockpit and also the areas where most of the action takes place.

Sure, they’ve added a few extra pieces to the Defiant and changed the paint, but there’s no denying it’s definitely the Defiant.

It seems clear that the Pushpak is a kitbash. A kitbash is when modelers take parts from other ships and paste them together to make the model of a new ship.

In this case, they didn’t so much use a part from the Defiant as take the whole thing (probably an old Eaglemoss-produced model) and superglue it to the front of their starship.

Cargo Is An Indian Movie Which Won Awards On The independent Flim Circuit

Scene from the movie Cargo (2020)

The Indian-produced movie Cargo was widely heralded on the independent film circuit back in 2020. It’s a somewhat disjointed story involving a world where demons are real but look exactly like humans and have been given the job of floating around on spaceships helping arriving souls transition to their next life after death.

Cargo is currently streaming on Netflix, though you’d think CBS might have something to say about the movie using one of the Star Trek franchise’s most iconic ships. Actual Star Trek fan films have been embroiled in lawsuits for far less.