How Bruce Willis Ended Up Stuck In Quarantine With His Ex-Wife Demi Moore

And this is how former super couple Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore ended up quarantined together.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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The on-going pandemic is making for tough times across the world. With all the closures, shutdowns, and lock-ins, families have found themselves in situations that are less than favorable. Not only have many lost jobs, but the stay-at-home order has caused many families to be separated for an unspecified time. While there are some who defy this order to be with loved ones, there are still many out there who take this order to heart and plan to live it out until they’ve been given the go-ahead to return to normal life. And this is how former super couple Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore ended up quarantined together.

Willis and Moore have been divorced for 20 years, each moving on with their lives and their shared children. But through it all the one thing they have never done, truly, is separate. Yes divorce took them out of the same home, but Willis and Moore have always remained close friends. They have co-parented with the best of them. In fact, they have stayed so close that they even own property close to each other in Sun Valley, Idaho.

According to a source familiar with the Willis/Moore relationship, Willis owns a house across from Moore. “He has a house directly across the street from Demi’s house in Sun Valley. It’s been for sale for years. He was visiting and his family was considering quarantining there. He got stuck because Sun Valley became one of the COVID-19 hotspots,” the source explained to ET. But isn’t Willis remarried? Yes, he is.

Willis is married now to Emma Heming and they have two children together. Emma and the kids have decided to remain in Los Angeles, where they are quarantining. Does this mean there is trouble on the horizon? Not at all.

According to a second source, Heming is fine with Willis being in Idaho with Moore, she prefers sunny LA. “Bruce and Demi made a decision to quarantine together with their children and have been doing so for over a month. The family didn’t want to take any risks of outside influences so they’ve stayed away from socializing with anyone but their family. Bruce isn’t with his wife or young children, but that was understood going into this,” the second source shares. “Bruce, Demi and Emma have always had a great relationship and are good friends and none of this is weird to them. It’s outside people who are making it more than it is.”

It’s not like Willis and Moore are alone as Moore’s Instagram shows.

Willis and Moore’s children, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah are also along for the quarantine ride. Tallulah posted a picture of her parents, her sister Scout and Scout’s boyfriend Dillon Buss.

The entire group has been bonding in a few different ways, but as Moore suggests, one way has been a book club.

It also seems that Willis may have another career brewing as he took the sheers to daughter Tallulah to give her a nice quarantine hairdo.

Rumer Willis has not been seen in many of the posted pics though she did snap one recently with sister Tallulah in the background, pre-Bruce Willis shave job.

It’s refreshing to see how families, especially ex’s, can co-exist in these pandemic times but it sure will be nice when the world can go back to their normal… the new normal.