See Brendan Fraser As DC Villain For Batgirl Movie

Check out Brendan Fraser as the villain for Batgirl.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Brendan Fraser

We’re not quite sure what’s more exciting: Brendan Fraser’s recent comeback to Hollywood, or the DC cinematic universe announcing the nearing arrival of the popular Batman villain, Firefly. Luckily, we don’t have to choose, on account of the fact that Fraser will be playing the aforementioned antagonist in the upcoming Batgirl movie. Although still in the early developmental stages, fans can envision what the former Mummy star might look like as the supervillain thanks to a fanart piece posted to Instagram.

See the Brendan Fraser fanart below:

The artwork, posted by the account m.design34 takes a popular circulating photo of the 52-year-old, in which Brendan Fraser appears to be grinning. The image was photoshopped to add Firefly’s iconic charred face and scars over Frasers. The photo even has the actor photoshopped into wearing a firefighter’s uniform complete with a gas mask-and fittingly surrounded by burning buildings in the background. 

batman firefly
DC Villain Firefly

As we recently reported, Brendan Fraser will be joining Leslie Grace, playing the titular role in Batgirl. The movie, produced by DC and Warner Bros. will center around Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commission Gordon, as she takes on the reported supervillain, Firefly, under her Batgirl alias. It was also recently reported that Jacob Scipio and J.K Simmons will be joining the cast as well. 

Brendan Fraser’s new character, Firefly, also known as Garfield Lynns, was created by France Herron and Dick Sprang and made his debut comic appearance in 1952. According to the villain’s DC lore, Garfield Lynns was a special effects creator who turned to crime and tried to gain profit by stealing from the wealthy people of Gotham. When his first crime was stopped by Batman and Robin, he managed to escape thanks to none other than an actual firefly. Appearing in the TV series Arrow, Firefly is depicted as a spiteful former firefighter seeking revenge on his crewmates for abandoning him during a fire incident. Considering the news surrounding DC’s casting call in the film for a “disgruntled former firefighter”, it appears Brendan Fraser will be playing the villain with a backstory closely tied to that in Arrow. 

Firefly and Batgirl wouldn’t officially cross paths in DC comics until 2013 with the release of Nightwing Annual Vol. 3. In the story, Batgirl teams up with Nightwing to take on the supervillain, who burned a famous actress, Cindy Cooke’s, boyfriend (Ted Carson) to death and had been stalking her ever since. As it turns out, Carson actually murdered Lynns and took up the Firefly persona. Another 2018 iteration of the arsonist came about recently as a female character, Bridget Pike. Acting as an apprentice to Ted Carson, Pike was known as Lady Firefly. The female version was originally created for the TV show Gotham and was played by Michelle Veintimilla.

Brendan Fraser was once a household name, as he graced his presence on numerous hits through the ‘90’s like Airheads, George of the Jungle, and The Mummy. The doe-eyed actor was set to be one of Hollywood’s top men, before seemingly disappearing from the spotlight for more than a decade. His recent resurgence as another popular DC character, Robotman on HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, has gotten Fraser plenty of positive attention, and apparently, an upcoming lead role to join the ranks of Hollywood’s elite actors lucky enough to take on comic characters.