Black Panther 2 Villain Cast And It’s Actually Another Superhero

Finally, it seems we know who the Black Panther 2 villain will be, and who has been cast in the part.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marvel does their best to keep as much about their movies as secretive as possible. They try to keep us from knowing the plots of their upcoming films, which often includes the villain and main conflict. They do their best to keep casting announcements quiet until they’re ready, and when they do come out, they often refuse to name the character the actor is playing. Despite all these efforts, the fans have their ways. Bit by bit, we’ve learned more about the plot details for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and as those details come together, we’re seeing more and more evidence that suggests the Black Panther 2 villain will be none other than the Marvel Comics character Namor the Sub Mariner. And now, according to sources for The Illuminerdi, Marvel has moved forward, casting Tenoch Huerta in the role.

This new rumor from The Illuminerdi matches in very well with what other sources are saying to expect from the upcoming sequel. Days ago, We Got This Covered said that Namor will be in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project as a villain, though they didn’t know which one. This seemed most likely to point at Namor as the Black Panther 2 villain since the project is expected to begin filming this summer and these kinds of decisions should be happening right now.

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Tenoch Huerta has a long acting and writing history for audiences mostly in Mexico, but isn’t as well known in Hollywood. This isn’t too surprising, as Marvel likes to cast actors and have audiences come to associate them with the comics universe. In his new role as the Black Panther 2 villain, Tenoch Huerta will be playing a character that has long been established in the Marvel Comics. Namor the Sub-Mariner is said to be the first anithero for the comics. Depending on what story he’s appearing in, you may see him as the hero with a quick temper, the antihero with complex feelings, or the straight out villain in odds against the Avengers or other superhero groups.

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Again, Marvel has told us little about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It was only recently that we finally learned the sequel’s full title. That being said, speculation and rumors have been rampant. While we’d already heard that Namor may be playing a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, we’d also heard that the Black Panther sequel may be taking place under water. That certainly pointed more fingers at Namor’s first appearance as the Black Panther 2 villain.

For many years, it was expected that Namor would be seen in his own solo film. There’s certainly a long enough history in Marvel comics with plenty of rich backstory to pull from. However, while Marvel currently has the rights to the character, there are other claims on the character that limits Marvel’s usage. This means that while they can certainly use Namor as the Black Panther 2 villain, they can’t give him his own solo film at this point. It’s unclear on whether that will ever change. Marvel’s limited usage rights may have been part of the motivation to have him first appear as a villain. It may be easier to have the character pop up in future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects this way as well. We’ll be watching to see if Namor pops in more productions soon.