The Best Anime Ever Gets Exclusive Collector’s Clothing

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published


Berserk, the 2016 anime series based on the manga series of the same name by Kentaro Miura just got a new line of limited-edition clothing. The collector’s items, which include hoodies, T-shirts, and a reversible bomber jacket are about to hit the Crunchyroll online store.

Apocalypse Attire

Gear up like Guts and upgrade your wardrobe with the fierce collection of Berserk themed clothing. Brought to you by the anime clothing apparel store, Atsuko, the new collection of streetwear includes everything one might need from apocalyptic attire to cozy loungewear.

The Berserk apocalypse attire includes T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and tanks, decorated with characters and insignias from the anime. Included in the collection is the Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Hoodie designed to help you channel your inner strength. To keep you warm on post-apocalyptic nights, check out the Bleach Long Sleeve which features the iconic Black Swordsman on the front.

Perfect For Any Kind Of Weather


For versatile weather, check out the streetwear designed for both hot and cold environments. Each garment in the collection is designed with officially licensed logos and pictures from Berserk, crafted with embroidered art and digital print designs, so you know the pieces are top quality.

Other Options

For the ultimate wardrobe flex, see the Berserk Reversible Bomber Jacket. With one side showcasing Guts, bloody after battle, with the Brand of Sacrifice on the reverse side, you can pick and choose which side you feel like showing off from day to day. The jacket also features dual pockets, ribbed collars, and a full-zip closure. 

Finally, once you’ve finished decking out your wardrobe, there’s even more Berserk merch to add to your collection. Rewatch the series with the Berserk Manga Vol. 1 and then watch the original with The Complete 1997 TV Series on Blu-ray. Show off your fandom with the Guts S.H. Figuarts figure, which will look fantastic on your shelf next to your other collectibles. 

All of this exclusive Berserk collector’s clothing and merch can be purchased in the Crunchyroll Store.



And for those of you who haven’t seen the critically acclaimed series, Berserk is a 2016 anime series adapted from Kentaro Miura’s manga of the same name, serving as a sequel to the Golden Age Arc film trilogy. This iteration is the second television adaptation of the manga, following the 1997 anime. It delves into the Conviction arc from the manga, with a subsequent season in 2017 covering the initial part of the Hawk of the Millennium Empire arc.



Berserk’s storyline follows Guts, also known as the “Black Swordsman,” a character briefly glimpsed in the 1997 series and the Golden Age Arc films. Formerly a wandering mercenary, Guts becomes entangled with the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by Griffith. However, Griffith’s ambition leads to a horrific betrayal where he sacrifices his comrades to ascend to the God Hand, leaving Guts and his lover Casca as the only survivors. 

As the Berserk narrative unfolds, Guts is branded with marks that attract malevolent entities and he must embark on a journey for vengeance. Along the way, Guts is joined by an elf named Puck, while the machinations of the God Hand begin to unfold.

Source: Crunchyroll