See Beetlejuice 2 Set Videos Show Off Jenna Ortega And Michael Keaton

By Britta DeVore | Published

jenna ortega

Take a fresh look at the cast of Beetlejuice 2 in a brand-new set of short videos shared by X (formerly Twitter) users, Hollywood Horror Museum, and JHOANDJE. Giving audiences a look at three of the film’s major players, the clips reveal director Tim Burton working hard alongside Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton. The entire neighborhood is excited as these clips reveal not only the cast doing their jobs but also greeting their adoring fans.

The first video gives us several looks at returning director Tim Burton who helmed the original 1988 feature. Throwing smiles and waves at those standing just beyond the taped-off sections of the set, Burton can be seen rocking sunglasses and making his way around the streets. Also spotted in the first X post is Michael Keaton, who will be reprising his titular role for Beetlejuice 2.

In full costume, Keaton is strolling down the street, captured on camera for just a moment. One of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood, Jenna Ortega also takes center stage in both clips as she can be seen blowing kisses, hugging, and waving to fans. The actress is all smiles until cameras begin rolling on Beetlejuice 2 in a scene that sees her character riding her bike down the road.

While filming for Beetlejuice 2 has yet to pick back up following the actors’ strike, these videos give prospective audiences a look at what the production was able to do prior to the shutdown. The recently shared clips are from the very short filming that took place in East Corinth, Vermont, which serves as the location of Winter River, Connecticut. While much of the remainder of filming will take place overseas in England, Burton and his creative team wouldn’t have it any other way than to return to the town that started it all – especially for those iconic outside shots.


Along with Michael Keaton reprising his role as the titular ghoul, Beetlejuice 2 also welcomes returning cast members including Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz and Catherine O’Hara as Delia Deetz. Jenna Ortega joins the cast as Lydia Deetz’s daughter, with Monica Bellucci joining as Betelgeuse’s wife. Willem Dafoe was the latest casting reveal, stepping into the part of a ghost detective with Justin Theroux also set to appear in an undisclosed role.

Like so many other Hollywood productions, Beetlejuice 2 was massively affected by the historic writers’ and actors’ strikes. The hold-up caused quite a clamor for its leading stars as rescheduling had to be done to ensure that the remainder of filming could go off without a hitch. Sadly, for fans of the Scream franchise, that meant that Jenna Ortega would ultimately step down from her role as Tara Carpenter for the upcoming seventh installment as her part in Beetlejuice 2 came first.

One of the most highly-anticipated films preparing to crawl into cinemas in 2024, Beetlejuice 2 has set its premiere date for September 6, 2024. There’s a lot of hype following the production as the original came out over 30 years ago and, with so many of the original cast members returning, things are looking promising for the sequel. Stay tuned for more images, videos, and information as it becomes available.