Batman Beyond: Year One’s Live-Action Teaser Puts DC To Shame

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

There’s no doubt about it, DC movies have been a total mess over the past decade. Warner Bros. Discovery is attempting to write off all the bad films they made in the DCEU and start over with the inclusion of James Gunn and Peter Safran, but it seems someone else has already beaten them to the punch. Batman Beyond: Year One is a fanmade film that, from the trailer below, looks incredible.

The trailer was created by Lumis Entertainment as part of a not-for-profit, proof-of-concept, fan-made film. The project, based on the Batman Beyond DC franchise, is directed and written by Michael Yu. The movie promises a gripping narrative centered around Terry McGinnis, the futuristic Dark Knight.

The official synopsis of Batman Beyond: Year One sets the stage in a Gotham that has evolved into Neo Gotham, a futuristic city adorned with neon lights and cutting-edge technology. The absence of the legendary Batman has allowed a new breed of villains to rise, with the Royal Flush Gang taking control of the streets. The narrative kicks off when a young Terry McGinnis discovers the true identity of the elderly Bruce Wayne, prompting him to take on the mantle of the caped crusader.

Batman Beyond: Year One fan film

The narrative unfolds several months after Terry McGinnis assumes the mantle of Batman. Although he has received some training, Terry remains a relatively new crime fighter. The Royal Flush Gang, longtime enemies of Bruce Wayne, resurfaces with a new family at the helm, challenging Terry’s capabilities as the new Batman. Batman Beyond: Year One promises an immersive journey into Terry’s origin story and evolution as a crime fighter and his ongoing struggle against emerging threats.

The recently unveiled teaser trailer for Batman Beyond: Year One offers fans a sneak peek into the highly anticipated film, showcasing key characters such as Terry McGinnis, The Joker, and the notorious Royal Flush Gang. Lumis Entertainment has successfully completed the production phase, and fans can now contribute to the final stages of post-production through the newly launched Indiegogo campaign.

The team behind the scenes of this Batman Beyond feature includes a roster of talented individuals, with Ian Hussey as cinematographer, Jay Kwon as action designer, Susanna Song as costume designer, Marc de Bertier as production designer, Vanessa Lee overseeing the super suit factory, Luke Gibleon as sound designer, Alexander Arntzen as composer, and Neil Craig and Nick Lund-Ulrich as VFX supervisors. The suit costuming is handled by Gc5 FX.

As Lumis Entertainment continues to seek additional funding for post-production, fans can opt-in to become a part of the Batman Beyond: Year One family by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign page. Donations as little as $10 will get fans a personal thank you from the production company while $25 will add your name to the credits. For extra supportive fans with fat wallets, you can earn an associate producer’s credit with a donation of $1,000, a Batarang prop with a donation of $2,500, or a digital cameo if you donate $5,000.

The donations to the Batman Beyond: Year One campaign page help to improve the quality of the film by allowing Lumis Entertainment to hire more artists, create better cinematic shots, and get the film a wider release by submitting to more film festivals.