See Ana De Armas Go All Out In No Time To Die Training Video

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

ana de armas

Ana de Armas has been paving her way in the industry for quite some time now. She made a name for herself in successful projects like the film Knives Out. The starlet was recently part of the iconic James Bond franchise, starring in the 2021 film No Time to Die. De Armas just shared a post on her Instagram, throwing back to the filming of the movie, and proved how far she went in learning to handle the important fight scenes.

Ana de Armas landed the role of Paloma in the James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Lea Seydoux as Madeleine, and Rami Malek as Safin. Having the opportunity to star in a franchise like James Bond is pretty monumental, and de Armas definitely embraced every moment. The actress uploaded a series of photos and a video in a small throwback post. In the first photo, the actress was shadowed in red light, and was dressed as her character, Paloma. In the second photo, de Armas showed her followers a closer look at what the set looked like from her perspective. The third photo was of de Armas taking a selfie, also on the set of the film, with her makeup all finished for her scenes. The last post was a behind-the-scenes look of the actress training for her action sequences in the movie. See Ana de Armas go head-to-head by clicking the arrow on the right and watching the video below.

The video shows Ana de Armas in character as she practices her action moves for one of the scenes. Her moves are sleek and flawless, showing off what the 007 star did just did in rehearsals for the movie.

Ana de Armas indeed did go all out to give her best performance as Paloma in No Time to Die. According to Comic Book, the actress discussed her character with The Sun, and explained that her character was definitely a very unique addition. “…She’s a lot of fun…very active, very badass…” It makes perfect sense as to why de Armas had to do a lot of training for her character. It appears de Armas still reminisces about the long nights on set. 

Although it was Ana de Armas’s first time being on the set of a James Bond film, it seems that Daniel Craig will be officially retiring from the role as James Bond, according to GameSpot. But perhaps there might be a chance that de Armas will make another appearance in another James Bond film in the future. No Time to Die was all in a box office success. The movie is currently nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Original Song, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects. 

Ana de Armas has recently been in another film starring alongside Ben Affleck in the thriller, Deep Water. The film is definitely a very different genre from No Time to Die, but it helps showcase de Armas and her range of acting. A James Bond film is undoubtedly something that is amazing to have under your belt, and de Armas still appreciates her role in the franchise thus far.