Amber Heard Is Seeing Her New Movie Get Horrendous Reviews

No one could have guessed just how universal the dislike for Amber Heard's new movie was going to be.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

amber heard

Amber Heard signed on for a role in Gully back in 2018. At the time, her life was very different. That was the year Aquaman came out, where she starred as Mera for DC. She likely believed she was signing on for a more artistic looking project that would vary her career and help prove her work as an actress. That isn’t what’s happened with Gully. Instead, the move came out a few days ago, and is seeing some of the most horrendous review scores possible.

After only a few days, Gully has a 31% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, a 1.4 review on IMDb, and is seeing confused reviews from critics nationwide. The new Amber Heard movie could have looked like a project where she had a side role and gained a little attention, but the movie was so disconnected and confusing that reviewers just aren’t finding anything good to say about the entire film. It’s rough. It’s not as rough as Cats maybe, but it’s still not a good time.

Amber Heard posted on Instagram about the release, simply saying it is out there. She has limited comments on her posts. It seems safe to assume that isn’t about the movie exactly, but about her past relationship with Johnny Depp, which has seen her become a controversial figure that gets talked about a fair amount online.

amber heard

The movie stars Charlie Plummer, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jacob Latimore, John Corbett, Terrence Howard, and Amber Heard. The story centers on three teenagers growing up in Los Angeles. The teens have troubled childhoods. When a riot breaks out in LA, the rules for normal society are off. The teens take off on an intense journey across the city over forty-eight hours that includes a lot of drugs and a lot of violence, with occasional appearances by Amber Heard, Terrence Howard, and John Corbett. Heard replaced Alice Eve in the movie.

In 2019, the movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and not much was said about it. It sort of fell into the background for Amber Heard and the rest of the cast, only to finally release widely on June 4, 2021. Roger Ebert described the movie as being a tale of random incidents of violence, which seems to be a popular view of how the story went down. Even the trailer feels disconnected. Worse, this movie is coming out in theaters at a time when so few movies are being released, and so few people are going. It would seem like, with such little selection, people might be more apt to like the movie a little better just because, but mostly, instead, they’re calling it pointless. They say that it was clearly trying for something, but did not succeed.

Because Gully was reviewed so poorly, most saying that it was confusing and not worth the time, it may simply be forgotten. It seems to be the forgettable kind of terrible, not the kind people make memes about online. That may be fortunate for Amber Heard, as she can likely move past this right into Aquaman 2, which will likely begin filming soon. While many wanted her to be fired from the movie, insiders are hearing that she’s getting more screen time since the controversy surrounding her has been coming down some.