Aaron Paul Is Watched By The Man In Black In Westworld Season 4’s First Look

Aaron Paul is stalked by the Main in Black in Westworld season 4!

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

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It seems like eons since audiences saw the last of Westworld. In reality, it has only been two years. This has been the hiatus for many premium television shows due to COVID-19. However, this is more the same for Westworld. The show has had a two year gap between each season (via Vox). And now with a new sizzle reel released by HBO, fans can see what is to come in Westworld season 4.

Aaron Paul will return in 2022 as Caleb Nichols and appears to be facing off against The Man In Black (Ed Harris). The video is a supercut for every show that HBO has planned for 2022, including a new season of Bill Hader’s show Barry. With this in mind, the clips go by pretty quickly. Paul is only shown briefly, though there is another brief look at Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) who is returning as well. You can see the trailer below.

With Westworld, there is no telling where the new season will go. Based on the 1973 film adapted from the Michael Crichton novel, Westworld has several twists and turns. The first season was the most direct translation, following robot hosts and their clients in a Western themed park. After season 1, the show continued to evolve. Each following season has been a reinvention of sorts. Season 3 left the park altogether and embarked on a new chapter with Aaron Paul’s Caleb being a central figure. A traumatized veteran, Caleb struggles with life in a world where technology dominate everything, including his construction job. Below are shots from the sizzle reel from the upcoming season.

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westworld season 4
westworld season 4

The last season of Westworld tapped into very real anxieties about the future. Surveillance is prominent in reality, which co-creator Jonathan Nolan stated in an article for Variety. “We understand in the abstract that people are monitoring and surveilling you, having that dumped back on you should have people freaking out but most likely, if I look at the track record, it probably won’t. You’re totally fine with the idea that if you get a Gmail account that the algorithm reads your email!” Westworld deals with this issue, though perhaps in a way that humans should be reacting to being watched. Aaron Paul’s character is a window that allows the audience into this perspective.

Last the audience left the HBO show, there were many questions left to be answered. The Man in Black continues to be a problem, though not exactly in the same form. At the end of season 3 he was killed by a host version of himself. Though it is unclear who this new host version will be loyal to, the Aaron Paul video implies that he will be confronting Caleb in some way. Caleb meanwhile has become the de facto leader of the robot revolution (via The Wrap). Dolores was another twist that the show offered. Often viewed as the anti-hero of the series, she was killed off in season 3. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been adamant that Dolores is dead (via Variety). But with technology as it is in Westworld, that doesn’t mean Evan Rachel Wood can’t return in some other fashion.

Aaron Paul’s return for the new season bodes an interesting turn for the series. The showrunners have been vague on the direction for Westworld and have not made clear how many more seasons we can expect. But it appears as though Paul may be taking more of a leading role after the demise of Dolores. Also set to return are Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and Maeve. As Joy stated cryptically in an article for Deadline, this new season will surely be introducing new worlds vastly different from previous seasons.