Disney+ Unleashes A Shop For Killers With Assassin-Filled Trailer, Watch The Series Now

By Robert Scucci | Published

Assassin-Filled Trailer

A Shop for Killers is now streaming through the Hulu section on Disney+, and the trailer is an excellent primer for those who are interested in a wild ride involving family, mercenaries, and a healthy amount of cinematic violence. Though you’ll need subtitles to enjoy the series, you’ll find that its storytelling is so compelling and easy to digest that you won’t mind putting in the extra effort to read along as the narrative progresses. And if the trailer is any indication, you’ll be delighted to bear witness to action sequences that will make John Wick himself blush with envy.

The premise for A Shop for Killers is based on the novel The Killer’s Shopping Mall by Kang Ji-Young. The series centers on Jeong Ji-an (Kim Hye-jun) a young woman who grew up under the care of her uncle, Jeong Ji-man (Lee Dong-wook) after the untimely passing of her parents. After her uncle passes, she learns that the shopping mall he owns is a front to sell weapons to highly skilled and extremely dangerous clients.

Jeong Ji-man now has to deal with the fallout of her uncle’s death, as his former clients are now targeting her. Looking to her past, she is compelled to remember her uncle’s teachings so she can survive the looming threat of being ambushed by mercenaries who will stop at nothing to eliminate her. Within A Shop for Killers’ simple narrative construct, Jeong Ji-an quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with as she wastes no time familiarizing herself with the new kill-or-be-killed lifestyle that has been thrust upon her.

Disney Korean assassin movie trailer

Though it’s too early in the game to know how well-received A Shop for Killers will prove to be, those who have watched the first two episodes are desperately craving more. And those who have yet to sit down and watch the series are beyond excited to see Lee Dong-wook exercise his versatility in this context.

As for the cinematography, A Shop for Killers is clearly a cut above its contemporaries with its action and choreography. Though we’re looking at a sizzle reel full of the most heightened of action sequences, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty more where that came from. And if the trailer itself is willing to highlight the series’ violence so explicitly, then we’re certainly in for a treat.

Scenes from A Shop For Killers trailer

A Shop for Killers is a joint production effort between The Walt Disney Company Korea and Merrychristmas, a subsidiary of A2Z Entertainment. Two episodes are currently available for streaming, and future episodes will be released on a weekly basis for the duration of the series’ eight-episode run. So, if you want to hit the ground running, now is as good a time as any to start watching.

A Shop for Killers is currently streaming through the Hulu section of Disney+. Since the new app is currently in beta, you will need to be subscribed to both services to have access to the series. But if you’re looking to satiate your craving for a seriously over-the-top South Korean action thriller series, then your search is over.