Vin Diesel Looks To Dismiss Horrific Lawsuit, Denies Every Single Allegation

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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In response to the sexual battery lawsuit filed by his former assistant Asta Jonasson, Hollywood actor Vin Diesel has taken legal action, requesting the court to dismiss the case and asserting his innocence against the allegations.

Reportedly Occurred During The Filming Of Fast Five

The lawsuit, which surfaced in December, details disturbing accusations dating back to 2010, during the filming of the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise in Atlanta. Jonasson alleges that Vin Diesel subjected her to sexual assault and battery, forcibly pulling her onto a bed, groping her, and engaging in inappropriate behavior, including masturbating in her presence.

Vin Diesel Denies Everything

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Vin Diesel’s legal team, however, vehemently denies these claims, filing documents this week to challenge the allegations. The actor “denies, generally and specifically, each and every allegation of Plaintiff’s Complaint,” the court documents state. Furthermore, Diesel seeks to have Jonasson cover his legal expenses in this matter.

Bryan Freedman, representing the actor, reiterated the actor’s denial of the allegations. Let me be very clear: Vin Diesel categorically denies this claim in its entirety,” Freedman stated previously. He also highlighted that Diesel had never been made aware of these allegations, which are over a decade old, until the lawsuit emerged.

The Allegations

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Jonasson’s lawsuit against Vin Diesel extends beyond sexual battery, including claims of gender discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation. In the lawsuit, Jonasson recounts being escorted to the actor’s suite at the St. Regis Hotel, where she alleges he assaulted her. The lawsuit paints a picture of Jonasson feeling trapped and fearful, culminating in Diesel allegedly engaging in lewd behavior in her presence.

Following the incident, Jonasson alleges she was dismissed from her position by Samantha Vincent, Vin Diesel’s sister and company president. The lawsuit underscores the emotional distress inflicted upon Jonasson by Diesel’s alleged actions, asserting it not only impacted her mental well-being but also raised doubts about the feasibility of pursuing a successful Hollywood career free from such incidents.

The Lawsuit Falls Under California’s Speak Out Act

“This is the first he has ever heard about this more than 13-year-old claim made by a purportedly nine-day employee. There is clear evidence which completely refutes these outlandish allegations,” Vin Diesel’s lawyer said in a statement after the allegations went public.

This legal action falls under the Speak Out Act and California’s AB2777, which provides a limited timeframe for filing certain suits beyond the statute of limitations. To qualify, allegations must have occurred in 2009 or later and the defendant must have attempted to conceal at least one prior sexual assault allegation.

The Potential To End Vin Diesel’s Career

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With the potential legal ramifications and the impact on Vin Diesel’s career, industry observers are closely monitoring whether the case will proceed to court, be resolved through private settlement, or if the judge will honor Diesel’s request to toss the case.

Despite the allegations against him, Vin Diesel’s current projects, including Fast X: Part 2, have not faced immediate consequences. Studios appear to be adopting a cautious approach, waiting for the legal process to unfold before making any public comments.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, please reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit for support and resources.

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