Susan Sarandon Trending, Under Attack And Being Blamed For New Laws

Susan Sarandon is trending for her part in new laws.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Susan Sarandon is getting hit with a big “I told you so” from Twitter following the passing of a Texas law that effectively bans abortions in the state. 

Susan Sarandon’s critics are taking to Twitter to remind everyone that she was warned abortion rights were at stake in 2016 when she famously said she would not vote for Hillary Clinton and that the potential of a Donald Trump presidency packing the Supreme Court with anti-abortion judges wasn’t a realistic possibility. Now, five years later, the first shot has been fired across the bow of Roe. v. Wade and people are taking the Rocky Horror Picture Show actress to task. 

In 2016, the actress supported Bernie Sanders. However, when Sanders dropped out of the race and encouraged his vocal supporters to back Hillary Clinton, Susan Sarandon did not follow suit. Instead, she loudly and publicly threw her support behind third-party candidate Jill Stein. The Witches of Eastwick star derided critics at the time who noted that not voting for Clinton was essentially a vote for Trump. She stated that she believed “a third party is necessary and viable” and hoped to encourage people to give Stein the 5 percent of the vote she needed to secure Federal Election Commission funding

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Many of Susan Sarandon’s fans tried to explain to her that all the issues she claimed to be more worried about at the time were not as pressing as she seemed to believe in the face of a potential Trump presidency. Now, as Texas women face a major blow to their rights to safe abortions, it seems they were proven right. 

Meanwhile, history has proven Susan Sarandon so thoroughly and completely wrong. As a result, many are taking to Twitter to remind people of her culpability in the Supreme Court’s silence on the matter. Now that Trump selections skew the court’s nine members in a conservative, anti-abortion majority, they stayed silent, allowing Texas Republicans to pass the law. Some are even dusting off an old interview she did with BBC Newsnight ahead of the 2016 election in which Susan Sarandon says that she believes Clinton will certainly win and that her aim is to shake up the political system with a third-party. She says she won’t feel any regret if Trump is elected president and said she does not “vote with my vagina.” 

The law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May, prohibits abortions once a heartbeat can be detected in a fetus, which is typically around six weeks into a pregnancy. However, that’s demonstrably not nearly enough time for the average woman to know that she is pregnant, according to Vox. The Associated Press notes that Joe Biden came out against the law, calling it unconstitutional. However, his hands are pretty much tied in the wake of the Supreme Court’s silence, allowing Trump’s legacy and Susan Sarandon’s vote for Stein to negatively impact the lives of Texas women for generations to come. 

As a result of the criticism, Susan Sarandon’s name was trending on Twitter briefly on Wednesday as news of the abortion ban in Texas broke. So far she has remained relatively quiet on the matter. The question now is whether the backlash will blow over before she’s forced to either eat some crow as activists and lawmakers begin the fight to protect safe abortions in the face of a conservative Supreme Court.