Super Nintendo World: First Official Look At Theme Park Revealed

Get your first official look at Super Nintendo World, the new theme park opening next year.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

super nintendo world logo

Super Nintendo World is looking very much like everything fans of the iconic gaming system have been waiting for their entire lives. It won’t be too long until you’ll be able to hob-knob with Bowser, walk among the mushroom-capped forests, take a spin on a MarioKart or just enjoy the endless hours immersed in the world of Mario. But this time it will be out of the console and actually in *real life*.

That’s right folks, soon this theme park will be opening its doors to an experience that appears to literally pop off the screen. Check out the first promo video for Super Nintendo World and just a little bit of what this magical place will offer. 

For all the excitement, stateside folks might need to temper their expectations a bit and wait some time to purchase tickets to Super Nintendo World. Its first iteration is opening across the ocean in Universal Studios Japan. Will it ever come to America? That remains to be seen, but we can wish on it because this place looks amazing. 

Not only did we get a sneak peek of the look of the newest theme park in their promotional video, but a number of images are out there as well. Check them out throughout the article!

super nintendo world 1

It appears they spared no expense in bringing Super Nintendo World to life. Opening on February 4, 2021, and costing an estimated $580 million dollars, the theme park’s exterior looks so much like the game it’s almost startling. I can almost picture myself hopping around Mario-style from level to level collecting coins along the way. And guess what? That’s just what you’ll be able to do with Power Up Bands available at arrival

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Super Mario World will reportedly feature a live-action, fully immersive Super Mario Kart ride that will take guests through a race in real-time, presumably with all the bumps, bruises, explosions, and more. The rides, coins, and even Bowser’s Castle will all be part of a game guests will play when they get there. It seems the park will act as not only an attraction but a game in amongst itself. It’s such an ambitious undertaking and looks very the part from these first images. 

super nintendo world 3

Originally scheduled to open in 2020, Super Nintendo World was pushed back because of pandemic-related closings in the country. What’s a few month’s wait for a project that’s been in development for almost six years now? It came in response to Nintendo reporting declining sales, so they went the licensing route, granting Universal access to the properties. That’s why you’ll get to see all of your favorite characters on display and part of the park. But Super Nintendo World’s opening could look more like a gamble now. There are chances it doesn’t pay off considering international tourism remains stagnant and airline regulations becoming more restrictive.

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That being said, it won’t be from lack of effort around what they seemingly have created with this new park. It looks every bit worth the visit especially to fans both young and old. That the Nintendo games and characters remain etched in the zeitgeist, having a dedicated theme park has probably been too long coming. Here’s to hoping all fans get to experience it.