Arrow’s Stephen Amell Kicked Off A Flight After An Altercation

Here's what insiders and Stephen Amell himself have to say after he was removed from a flight after yelling at his wife.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Arrow star Stephen Amell was kicked off a Delta airlines flight after causing a disturbance by yelling at his wife. Initially, this was a rumor reported by Page Six, which the outlet carefully reported with “allegedly”, but was shortly thereafter confirmed by the actor himself via Twitter. The actor didn’t feel like this was a big deal and found the reporting of it to be odd, saying that it “must be a slow news cycle”. While he kept his confirmation of events brief and said only that his emotions got the better of him, Page Six reported more details that added a lot to the story. The topic quickly became a big one online. The actor was able to book a new flight on Southwest only ten minutes later, so they didn’t suffer many more troubles as they traveled from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California.

You can see the tweets from Stephen Amell confirming the events below.

Page Six had more details about the events on the plane. According to what they learned, Stephen Amell appeared to be drunk at the time. He was asked repeatedly by the flight attendant to lower his voice. The actor continued shouting at his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell. He was escorted off the plane by three flight attendants and an air marshall, according to Page Six, though Stephen Amell says he was not forcibly removed. Kicking a passenger off a flight once they are already seated is considered to be a rare event.

According to Page Six, his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, and the other people traveling with her, stayed on the plane Stephen Amell was removed from. They flew from Austin to LA without further trouble. A spokesperson for Delta did confirm that a passenger was removed from the plane and this caused an eight minute delay in their departure. The spokesperson wanted people to know that the Delta flight still made it to LA before its scheduled departure time.

This isn’t the first time Stephen Amell has made headlines for some dramatic behavior. After receiving a coronavirus diagnosis, the star said he didn’t know where he got it. Later, it came out that he had recently thrown a large birthday party for his wife and this seemed to be a high-risk time for when he may have caught it.

Cassandra Jean Amell and Stephen Amell have been married since 2012. They were in Austin for the ATX Television Festival.

Some of the reactions from Twitter have been sympathetic, saying that it happens to the best of us. Some have been less so.

Meanwhile, the Arrowverse star just recently sold a sequel to his superhero movie, Code 8, to Netflix. Between the festival appearances, the Netflix deal, and his upcoming series, Heels, the actor seems to be doing well in his career, despite being currently done playing Green Arrow for The CW. Hopefully whatever troubles he is currently having in his personal life are ones that he finds help with sometime soon.