Sofia Vergara Takes Action Against Unstable Stalker

By Jason Collins | Published

sofia vergara

Actress and television personality Sofia Vergara has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man she claims has been relentlessly stalking her due to allegedly believing he has a romantic and familiar relationship with her and her son. According to TMZ, the man in question was just recently released from jail and is currently on parole for committing the same crime in the past.

Fearing For Her Safety

sofia vergara

Despite his recent release and parole, Sofia Vergara stated that the man, named Gregory Brown, has continued to pursue Vergara, who describes him as a mentally unstable stalker harboring delusional beliefs. Vergara’s allegations against Brown also include aggressive and harassing conduct, which has caused the Modern Family actress emotional distress and fear for her safety, as well as the safety of her loved ones.

The temporary restraining order signed by the judge now requires Brown to stay at least 100 yards away from Vergara and her son and prohibits him from contacting them.

Not The First Time

sofia vergara

This isn’t the first time Sofia Vergara has had to deal legally with Gregory Brown. Brown was jailed earlier this year for trespassing and vandalism on Vergara’s property, and a long list of his offenses also includes several attempts to access her and her son, but also an unlawful entry into their gated community—which he accessed by hiking from the kills in July 2023. The harassment didn’t stop when Brown went to jail; the actress received a disturbing letter from Brown this November, in which he stated that he’d be seeing and hearing the actress very soon.

A History Of Arrests

He even referred to the actress as “my love” in a letter signed off as “Gangsta,” most probably alluding to his recent release from jail. Sofia Vergara’s stalker also has a history of arrests for various violent offenses, which only intensified the actress’ concerns for her safety and the safety of her son. The whole thing descended upon a 51-year-old actress after she had admitted she had endured a very difficult year, which, on top of having to deal with a stalker, also includes her divorce from her partner Joe Manganiello in July.

Sofia Vergara’s Rise To Stardom

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Sofia Vergara began her career at the age of 17 in a Pepsi commercial aired in Latin America, after which she began her studies at the Creative Workshops School of Acting. She rose to fame while co-hosting two television shows for a Spanish-language television network in the late 1990s, after which she appeared in 2003’s Chasing Papi, and then 2005’s Four Brothers, 2008’s Meet the Browns, and 2009’s Madea Goes to Jail. She also appeared in a slew of other films, including The Three Stooges, Fading Gigolo, Hot Pursuit, and many others.

America’s Got Talent

Sofia Vergara’s best-known role might as well be her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Prichett in the ABC comedy series Modern Family from 2009 to 2020. She was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and Four Primetime Emmy Awards for her role in Modern Family, and the role established Vergara as one of the highest-paid actresses in the US. Since the show’s conclusion in 2020, Vergara has been a judge on America’s Got Talent.