See Rachel McAdams With Unshaved Armpits In A Stunning Dress 

Shots of Rachel McAdams from Bustle make their way to Twitter, highlighting a natural look for the Doctor Strange star.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

rachel mcadams

Rachel McAdams has had a very busy and very diverse career in Hollywood. We always love seeing her on the small screen in shows like True Detective, and she is one of the more entertaining parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to her role in films like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And when she isn’t busy dazzling us with her acting skills, she’s dazzling us with her sheer beauty, as you can see in these photos from a recent Bustle photoshoot.

In these photos, Rachel McAdams gives us two outfits and three stunning poses. In the first image, this MCU star looks positively statuesque in a white dress with deep, circular cuts threatening to expose her cleavage. Fortunately, her modesty is protected by a metal clasp that protects her from any possible wardrobe malfunction (considering that the clasp looks like it came from Doctor Strange, maybe there are magical protections, too).

Rachel McAdams wears the same outfit in the third image as well, but that photo is quite different from the first. While the first image was in color and showed the actor’s white dress contrasted against a black background, the third is entirely black and white. And while the actor gave a kind of wistful smirk in the first image, the third has her looking directly into the camera with all of the sizzling intensity of her Sherlock Holmes character Irene Adler.

rachel mcadams
Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Despite how hot those two images are, it’s the second image in the set that has the entire internet talking (and gawking). This image shows the sexy actor kicking back and reclining in a pose that accentuates her cleavage. Speaking of accentuation, she is wearing a top that looks more like modest evening wear than anything else, which makes the entire scene feel very intimate.

Aside from that top, the other big thing from this photo that has fans talking is that Rachel McAdams has gone fully natural, fearlessly showing off her unshaven armpits. While the camera doesn’t exactly focus on that area, many fans of the actor are excited to see her quietly taking on patriarchal beauty standards that expect women, unlike men, to regularly shave under their arms. In this photo, McAdams seems to deliver a very simple message: it’s entirely possible to be very beautiful without shaving under your arms, and nobody should have to do that simply to get the attention and affection of other people.

If you’re looking to see more of Rachel McAdams outside of this sexy photoshoot, the good news is you won’t have to wait very long. This Hollywood veteran is starring in Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, the upcoming film adaptation of the popular 1970s book of the same name. She’ll be playing the character of Barbara, mother to the titular Margaret, but if this causes any “McAdams is mommy” discourse on the internet, we’ll just have to hope the AI takes over our world sooner rather than later.