Orlando Bloom Stalked By A Great White Shark While On Vacation, See It Happen

See the crazy video of shark stalking Orlando Bloom while the latter is out on a paddle board. How would you react in this situation?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Sometimes one goes paddleboarding to enjoy the majesty of the open water and revel in the serenity and peace that the ocean can give. And sometimes one heads out on the board to get a glimpse of some of that sea life, even if it is a bit on the more dangerous side. Orlando Bloom got the latter recently on a trip out into the water with a certain “friend” lurking in the ocean beneath him. While this could have been a scarier moment for some, Bloom clearly was present for the moment in nature. Maybe his Will Turner role in Pirates of the Caribbean gave him some practice here. 

The video was posted on Orlando Bloom’s Instagram feed and shows him paddleboarding in the open water with another person. But the highlight is what is happening below the pair with a great white shark swimming and almost mirroring the paddlers’ movements. Check out the video below and tell me if you’d be as calm as these two with a shark possibly stalking your every move.

To their credit, Orlando Bloom and companion don’t appear to even bat an eye at the encounter. And there is some chance they knew it was going to happen with Bloom tagging @themalibuartist in the post. The latter is the account for Carlos Gauna who claims to film sharks as part of his profession. He is a drone operator for much of his work. So there is a good chance they knew what was going to go down here on the ocean expedition. The video lasts for about a minute with the shark staying in the frame just about the whole time. 

And fiancee Katy Perry had some thoughts about this encounter for Orlando Bloom, leaving a comment on the video for good measure. She said, “next time go out and put some peanut butter on babe” in what appears to be a reference to wanting the shark to take a bite out of the two wayward paddle boarders. 

After working on some of the biggest franchises out there for the better part of two decades, Orlando Bloom has stayed relatively low of late. Who could blame him? This is a guy who found his way into five of the six Lord of the Rings franchise movies (three LOTR flicks and two The Hobbit appearances) and he also starred in four Pirates of the Caribbean films as well. These are billions of dollars worth of movies in a relatively short period of time. One can see why he’d be taking it easy. 

The next film for Orlando Bloom is John Ridley’s Needle in a Timestack. It is a film about a couple whose marriage is put to the test when a time traveler enters their lives. That will release on October 15th of this year. There is some pessimism around the film though seeing as how it went through more than a year of reshoots and editing. That’s never a good sign for a flick and the limited release schedule could be a sign this is subpar. Time will tell on that one. In the meantime, here’s to hoping Orlando Bloom doesn’t become shark dinner.