Mark Hamill Confirms Princess Diana Required Strange Behavior From Him In A Meeting

Mark Hamill had been duped into thinking he had to enact in strange behavior when he met British royalty, which was told to him by a fellow Star Wars cast member.

By James Brizuela | Updated

mark hamill

Mark Hamill is arguably the most famous actor in Star Wars, especially his character of Luke Skywalker, who is the most famous Jedi. Most people know that there is a tool used by the Jedi called the “Jedi Mind Trick” which allows a Jedi to enter the mind of someone and convince them that what they say or do is true. Billy Dee Williams, who portrays Lando Calrissian, had pulled one of the best Jedi mind tricks on Hamill back in the day. He had convinced Hamill that looking British royalty such as Princess Diana in the eyes would lead to a prison sentence. Hamill confirmed that this was true, and there is photographic evidence. You can see the photo below:

Although this image had been provided by Cracked, which is a humor-based website, a fan on Twitter had asked if it was true. Naturally, Mark Hamill hilariously confirmed the news. What makes the above image that much more hilarious is you can see Billy Dee Williams enjoying every minute of his prank in real-time. He is smiling while looking at Hamill making a complete fool of himself by not looking at Princess Margaret in the eyes. Hamill even commented “better safe than sorry.”

Honestly, for someone who had been thrust into superstardom, Mark Hamill likely had no idea how being in the limelight of this caliber worked. He was being invited to meet British royalty like Princess Diana and Princess Margaret and should have been enough to make anyone nervous. Especially considering that he is from America, the idea would be to make a good impression. Also, he was young, and being gullible is part of being young. Hamill claims that he did not believe Williams in his tweet, but as you can see from the picture, he clearly had. This is just a wonderful prank.

To his credit, there had been some wild customs that were enacted throughout history when dignitaries would meet a ruler of a nation. Some required bowing, speaking only when spoken to, and other traditions had to be put in place to show respect. Mark Hamill clearly did not want to take the chance of offending the princess. After all, he is the brother of a princess.

Mark Hamill has become one of the most beloved humans on the planet. His continuous efforts to add passion to every role he has been in have led the man to become one of the most celebrated actors in the world. He is Luke Skywalker and The Joker. He has belonged to two of the biggest franchises in the world and continues to excite people around the globe. It’s quite charming that the man thought enough about respect to believe Billy Dee Williams, and that says a lot more about the kind of character that Hamill possesses.

We hope that Mark Hamill has discovered that he can look British royalty in the eyes, and we hope he is as welcome in the UK as he is in the states. For now, we can all be happy the man is joining Netflix’s Sandman series. Another role that will make everyone go wild for the man.