Mark Hamill Has A Star Wars Themed Reaction To Election

Mark Hamill tweeted out a humorous response to the election results.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Mark Hamill has a strong social media game. That much is well-established. Much like his character Luke Skywalker, the online force is strong with this one and he’s made the most of his time on Twitter especially. And over the years he’s used the platform to levy a fair amount of criticism toward the Republican Party in general and Donald Trump specifically. So it made a lot of sense that Hamill would take a Star Wars-themed victory lap when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Mark Hamill operates on Twitter as @HamillHimself and on Saturday, after multiple news outlets officially called the election in favor of Joe Biden, Hamill fired off this tweet:

It shows the reimaged posters for Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. The titles remain the same, but the images tell a different story. A New Hope is labeled 2008 with a picture of Barack Obama. The Empire Strikes Back is 2016 with a picture of Donald Trump. And finally, A New Hope is the 2020 result with Joe Biden’s picture front and center. After just 48 hours, the tweet has gone viral (understatement) with more than half a million likes and 127 thousand retweets. Star Wars fans and Joe Biden supporters were more than happy to take the victory lap right along with Hamill. 

Mark Hamill has been incredibly active on Twitter over the course of the election cycle and especially over the last week. He’s shared all kinds of Star Wars/election crossover content including calling Joe Biden #Joe_Bi_Wan. It all reads as just a certain general disdain for the current president.

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This wasn’t the only news he made last week though. A few days ago rumors surfaced that Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford could be returning to Star Wars. Sure, it’s currently just a rumor but considering how the franchise continues to grow and expand its universe and collection of shows and movies, revisiting the past characters in some fashion is always something to keep on the table. 

And Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford have teamed up recently, though it didn’t happen in a galaxy far away. Instead, it was around the aforementioned election when they both took part in a campaign for the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project. The two provided voice-overs for a couple of videos. One centered on the current administration’s handling of the pandemic and the other was about absentee voting. They had been viewed more than 1.3 million times on YouTube.

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It stands to reason Mark Hamill will continue to have a loud voice on Twitter especially when it concerns the current political climate and all its trials and tribulations. With the election narrative still cranking away at warp speed and little end in sight, the actor has never been afraid to make his political views known. Heck, his latest tweet is a picture of the first family with a reference to a certain zombie show on AMC. He’s not really pulling any punches here. And Star Wars fans (among others) eat this stuff up. With more than four million followers, Hamill has established himself as one of the bigger voices on the platform. As I said, the digital force runs through him.