Lily James Celebrates Success With A Bundle Of Provocative Pics For Fans

Lily James took to her Instagram to celebrate the eventual final episode of her hit series on Hulu, Pam & Tommy, by posting a collection of provocative photos.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Lily James is currently celebrating the run of the hit series on Hulu, Pam & Tommy. The series follows the tumultuous relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and the subsequent release of a private sex tape that included both celebrities during the time in which they were married. James took to her Instagram to post a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the show. The collection provides plenty for fans to see, as many of them show the many provocative outfits that Pamela Anderson once wore. You can see the photos below:

The initial photo shows Lily James as Pamela Anderson in what appears to be a latex skirt and white shirt ensemble. She looks amazing. Most of the above photos show James in some sort of skimpy outfit, with the final offering being that of the outfit which Pamela Anderson wore during her time on the show Baywatch. Simply put, this is a collection of some rather proactive and sexy pictures that everyone can enjoy. The above action reads, “only one more left.” The celebration signifies that the series is set to end after this next episode, and the actress is also saying goodbye with a black heart emoji. The show is set to air its final and eighth episode on March 9th. While the premiere contained the first three episodes, they have since been on a week-by-week release schedule.

While the Pam & Tommy series was always meant to be a limited run, it is sad to see that Lily James is leaving the part. She truly shined as Pamela Anderson, and quite honestly looked exactly like her too. While the Hulu series may have told that story in a more fictional space, Anderson has also announced that she plans to release her own documentary on Netflix. This documentary is said to refute the claims made by the show. James has been treating fans to plenty of behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram, as she clearly was enjoying playing her role in the show. The above collection already amassed 180,000 likes. While the comments are limited, co-star for Pam & Tommy, Clint Howard, ushered in his acceptance of the performance from James.

Lily James may be ending her time portraying Pamela Anderson, but she is certainly remaining busy. Her next project is appearing in a film called, What’s Love Got to Do With It? where she is slated for one of the starring roles as a woman named Zoe. The film is said to be a cross-cultural comedy. The film is also currently in post-production and could be premiering sometime later in the year.

Lily James has certainly been in plenty of great roles for the past five years, one of which is Deborah in the Edgar Wright film, Baby Driver. While Wright told the world that he had finished a script for the sequel back in November, there has been little else to go on if this film is going to be made. Whatever happens next in her career, James has been stunning the world on her social media pages. We could all do well with more of that.