Kevin Spacey’s Trial Ends, Verdict Is Shocking

By TeeJay Small | Published

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has been found not guilty of nine charges of heinous sexual crimes alleged to have been committed between 2001 and 2013. Spacey was first accused publicly of sexual assault over nine years ago, and has often been heralded as one of the #MeToo movement’s largest and most shocking perpetrators. According to Deadline, the House of Cards star expressed that he was humbled by the jury’s decision to acquit.

Kevin Spacey has been found Not Guilty in his sex crimes trial in the UK.

This morning, on the day of Kevin Spacey’s 64th birthday, the jury finally reached their verdict, clearing Spacey of over seven accounts of sexual assault.

The jurors deliberated for a 12 and a half hours before reaching their unanimous decision, which rejected the prosecution’s claims that the Oscar winning actor had aggressively groped at least three young men on the crotch, as well as a claim that Spacey had performed a nonconsensual sex act on a man who was asleep in his home.

These accounts have painted a picture of Kevin Spacey over the course of the past several years which the public may never forget. While Spacey has seen victory today in court, it remains unclear whether or not this acquittal will earn him enough respect in the eyes of the public to make a return to film and television acting with major studios.

Of course, this trial is just one of many major legal battles Kevin Spacey has faced since these accusations first arose. Last year Spacey won a $40 million civil suit in the United States following a similar misconduct accusation from Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp.

Though Spacey has not been found guilty in any legal court at this time, the number of existing accusations seem to paint a picture of a repeated pattern of behavior which, if true, could mean that Spacey is still largely considered radioactive in Hollywood circles.

These accounts have painted a picture of Kevin Spacey over the course of the past several years which the public may never forget.

Of course, as far as the law is concerned, Kevin Spacey has been fully cleared, providing him with a path to move forward from these accusations at this time. Spacey has maintained his innocence since they were first made, insisting that he has a number of burgeoning projects waiting for him to be found not guilty in order to begin.

Whether or not these projects will come to be remains to be seen, especially now that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA unions have gone on strike, halting nearly every major production.

House Of Cards

kevin spacey
House of Cards

Perhaps the largest fallout Kevin Spacey faced regarding the alleged sexual crimes was his absence from the final season of House of Cards. The Netflix series resolved to fire Spacey after an independent investigation, killing his leading character off within the show, forcing the series to close without its leading performer for its sixth and final season.

Kevin Spacey took a moment to speak to the press before departing the courthouse following his not guilty verdict, explaining that he was grateful to the jury for deciding in his favor, as well as expressing humility at the results.