Jack Nicholson Had A Secret Daughter And She Just Revealed Herself

A new report claims that Jack Nicholson has an adult daughter, Tessa Gourin, who he's never publicly acknowledged.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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Sometimes, the biggest twists and turns for an actor have nothing to do with their onscreen lives. For example, Jack Nicholson has been a film star for decades, and he’s played roles ranging from a mental patient to a killer clown and everything in between. None of that could prepare his fans for this real-life plot twist, though: the New York Post is reporting that the famous actor has a secret daughter, Tessa Gourin, whom he has never mentioned and with whom he allegedly has no interest in having a relationship with.

Jack Nicholson’s alleged daughter is currently 28 years old and was born in 1994. She says that her mother, Janine, had a brief romantic dalliance with Nicholson but that the relationship never turned serious. As for Nicholson, he has never mentioned Gourin, but it seems like her existence may be something of a very well-known “secret” in Hollywood.

When she was growing up, Tessa Gourin says that she was told to never tell anyone else that she has a rich and famous father. Somewhat amusingly, she compared herself to Orphan Annie when growing up because her father “was powerful and Daddy Warbucks-level rich.” Toward this end, The Shining star Jack Nicholson allegedly wasn’t afraid to use his wealth to make sure that Gourin had a top-notch education.

For example, her mother lived in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and Gourin says that Jack Nicholson helped pay for her expensive private school education. Beyond that, though, she says that her famous father has made little effort to contact her (she can’t remember the last time they spoke) or otherwise maintain a relationship. Her mother wanted the two to know each other, but Nicholson was allegedly not interested in making that happen.

jack nicholson
Tessa Gourin in the 2022 short The Crusaders

Despite not having any real relationship or knowledge of each other, Gourin says that she has still felt a real kinship with Jack Nicholson over the years. For example, she says that she is “not the poster child for sanity,” and this matches up with what she knows about her famous father. On a more positive note, Gourin shares Nicholson’s enthusiasm for acting, and after putting it off for so long, she is now actively pursuing a career in film.

Previously, she worried that if she pursued a career, it would look like she was “riding off [Jack Nicholson’s] coattails,” but she bitterly acknowledged that it’s difficult to use a famous relationship to your advantage when that relationship doesn’t truly exist. The only reason she is publicly acknowledging her alleged connection with Nicholson now is due to the ongoing debate over “nepo babies.” In short, she is annoyed at celebrities rejecting the “nepo baby” label and wishes they would embrace the opportunities they have been given (and opportunities she would kill to have).

So far, Jack Nicholson has not publicly commented on Gourin’s claims, and that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. In addition to not appearing in a major film since 2010, Nicholson is a well-known recluse who mostly pops up for the occasional award ceremony. Honestly, we’d hate to be the one to bring him news about his alleged daughter’s claims: Nicholson may be an elderly recluse these days, but we’re pretty sure he still swings a mean axe.