Human Bones Drug Creates Official Emergency After Grave Robbing Runs Rampant

By Matthew Flynn | Published

human bones drug

The government of Sierra Leone has declared a state of emergency due to a surge in illicit activity surrounding a drug known as kush. The human bones drug has led to a rash of grave robbing incidents as drug dealers seek to capitalize on their clients’ need for another fix. 

Kush Is Creating A Huge Problem For Sierra Leone

human bones drug

This unconventional and highly disturbing drug trend has led to a state of shock and fear among citizens. Reports suggest that in addition to an uptick in grave robbing incidents, the human bones drug has left addicts wandering around in a trance-like, zombie state. This new form of drug abuse has posed an unprecedented challenge for law enforcement and medical professionals alike.

The human bones drug, a terrifying blend of human remains and narcotics, has not only desecrated the sanctity of the burial sites but also put a significant burden on the country’s healthcare system. Sierra Leone, still recuperating from the devastating effects of Ebola, has found itself in the throes of a new public health crisis.

Health Crisis

Kush is said to provide a lengthy, dreamlike high that transports users to a different realm, offering an escape from their reality. The human bones drug, which was introduced in Sierra Leone about six years ago, is relatively cheap and easily accessible, making it even more dangerous.

However, the devastating consequences of kush use are becoming increasingly clear. Sierra Leone is witnessing a surge in organ failure deaths, particularly among young men, with this human bones drug as the primary culprit. According to a doctor in Freetown, the number of fatalities is in the hundreds.

Mental Health

The impact on mental health is equally alarming. The Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital has seen a nearly 4,000 percent increase in kush-related admissions between 2020 and 2023, mainly involving young men under 25 years old. Addressing this crisis, the first and only drug rehab center in Sierra Leone was opened with a mere 100 beds.

We Know So Little


What’s more alarming is the lack of information about this zombie drug, its long-term effects on its users, and the potential biohazards associated with using human remains. With the human bones drug in circulation, Sierra Leone’s public health stakeholders are racing against the clock to find solutions to the human bones drug crisis.

A New Low In The Fight Against Substance Abuse

human bones drug

In Sierra Leone, where the respect for the dead and their resting places holds a significant cultural value, the emergence of the human bones drug has sparked a fierce outcry among citizens. People are calling on the government to take swift and severe measures against those involved in this outrageous and highly disrespectful act.

The human bones drug crisis marks a new low in the saga of substance abuse. It highlights the lengths to which addicts will go to feed their addiction, underlining the urgency for a comprehensive strategy to combat drug addiction and its root causes. Sierra Leone’s fight against the human bones drug is a fight against a dehumanizing form of drug abuse, a fight for societal values, and above all, a fight for human dignity.

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