Gina Carano Fires Back At Disney After Wave Of Support

Gina Carano continues to retaliate against Disney.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano is in a battle against her ex-employer, Disney. And if you ask her, most Americans are on her side. She has the polls to back her up as well. Her new employer, The Daily Wire, commissioned a poll of 1,098 people. Now, Carano has statistics, and she wants Disney to know it. She’s been using her Twitter account to keep her fans up to date with her fight against her ex-employer and cancel culture as a whole. In a recent Tweet, she seemed to imply Twitter may be against her as well. 

The post shows screenshots of a recent tweet from Giancarlo Sopo linking to an article about the poll. The headline says that most Americans support Gina Carano and oppose Disney, based on the information gathered in the poll. The screenshots have added emojis to point to the “like” counter on the Twitter posts. She captioned the screenshots saying “Isn’t that interesting…” Gina Carano seems to be implying that Twitter is actively lowering the “like” counter on posts that support her.

It’s unclear why the number of likes on Twitter posts shift up and down, however, it’s not uncommon, unknown, or a new thing. If you watch your statistics on Twitter closely after a new post goes viral, the number of likes can shift up and down a fair amount. On Reddit, users have previously guessed that this happens due to glitches, bot accounts being removed, or to the counter itself having a difficult time keeping up. Often, you’ll see your likes drop dramatically, and then jump back up a few hours later. This isn’t common on posts with just a few likes. It happens when a post goes viral and gets a lot of attention very fast. On the post Gina Carano is currently concerned about, the current number of likes is at 16.5 thousand. That hardly seems like they’re suppressing the content. 

Will a poll commissioned by The Daily Wire and tweets with thousands of likes help gain the attention of Disney executives? Gina Carano has been lifted up with a great wave of support after her firing. She has a new movie to develop, produce, and star in for The Daily Wire. Her social media accounts are as active as ever. Outlets everywhere are giving her new interviews on her opinions. However, as much noise as Carano is managing to generate, Disney is still not talking back.

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When asked about issues concerning Gina Carano, Disney continues to answer in roundabout ways. They don’t directly address the issue. While they’ve confirmed Carano has been fired, and that her character will not be in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, they aren’t interested in conversations about Carano’s social media content or their policies for their employees. The CEO of Disney recently confirmed that the company does not lean to the left or right politically, but stands for values like human decency and respect.

Gina Carano may be firing everything she has at Disney, but they’re responding with silence. Clearly, that won’t be enough to make Carano stay quiet, but it doesn’t give her as much to work with either.