Fire Pedro Pascal Trending In Response To Gina Carano’s Blacklisting

Pedro Pascal is being targeted by Gina Carano's angry fans.

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Recently, Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian after over a year of social media controversy. In that time, she made comments about the 2020 election, shared anti-mask sentiments, mocked pronoun usage supporting Trans people, and did a lot of other things that got #FireGinaCarano trending on Twitter repeatedly. The last straw for Disney was an Instagram story in which she compared the treatment of Republicans to the Holocaust. Now, Carano’s fans are rising up demanding Pedro Pascal be fired as well. They have their own trending hashtag and a lot of strangely directed rage. Why be mad at Pedro Pascal, who seemed to be good friends with Carano? The answer may be that they just need to be mad at somebody and Pascal is convenient.

So, what are they saying? The angry folks on Twitter using the #FirePedroPascal hashtag feel that Gina Carano’s Instagram post is on par with a Twitter post Pascal made three years ago. They feel that since Gina Carano was fired, this is hypocritical. The hashtag is being tweeted with demands to either fire Pedro Pascal or rehire Gina Carano. They are also saying that not doing this is a sign that Disney is sexist. 

There is a big difference between the Instagram post from Carano and the tweet Pedro Pascal made three years ago. For one thing, Pedro Pascal’s post wasn’t one of a series of controversial activities. Carano’s post came after people found she had liked posts in support of the Capitol Riots. This was after Disney had made a public statement against the riots. For another thing, Pascal’s tweet from three years ago suggested it was a bad thing to put kids in cages. Carano’s Instagram post suggested that Republicans face the same struggles as Jewish people during the Holocaust. 

The trending hashtag is getting mixed in with a lot of other news for Pedro Pascal. A few days ago, his sister came out as transgender. Pascal was in the news publicly supporting his sister and her announcements. For a while, Twitter had a description under the #FirePedroPascal hashtag that made it seem as if the two were related. This angered those using the hashtag even more.

At the same time, earlier today, it was announced the actor will be starring in HBO’s new series The Last Of Us. The series is based on the hit video game of the same name. He’ll be starring opposite Bella Ramsey in the apocalyptic new series. The new work will fit in with his schedule on The Mandalorian so he will soon be seen in both, possibly to the outrage of the Twitter users hoping to see him fired. 

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By all accounts, Pedro Pascal is at a high point in his career. He’s been acting for a long time. After his part on Game of Thrones, the actor gained a lot of attention from audiences. We’ve now gotten to know him on The Mandalorian and through his recent role as Max Lord in Wonder Woman 1984. It’s expected his career will continue to grow for a while yet.

Is the hashtag going to get Pedro Pascal fired? That doesn’t seem likely. Does it mean we are going to be hearing about the controversy surrounding Gina Carano for a while yet? It sounds like it.