Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin To A Fistfight Over Ukraine

On Twitter, Elon Musk challenged Vladimir Putin to a fistfight with the stakes being the fate of Ukraine during this conflict.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Elon Musk

We might have an early award for Most 2022 Thing To Ever Happen and we are only in the third month of the year. That being said, this one might be tough to top even with three-quarters of the year still laid out in front of us like a blank slate. With the conflict still raging in Ukraine between that country’s forces and an invading Russian military, Elon Musk seems to think he has the solution to a swift close. The tech entrepreneur and reported richest man in the world seems to think one little one-on-one match could solve the problem. 

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday morning to “challenge” Russian president Vladimir Putin to “single combat” with the stakes being the fate of Ukraine. What Musk means by this is anyone’s guess though he’s likely done exactly what he wanted, get massive amounts of attention for the ploy. There are no ground rules laid out for what the battle would look like, but Musk has thrown out the opening salvo. Check out what he said on Twitter

And just in case you were at all confused about what Elon Musk is saying Владимир Путин is Russian for Vladimir Putin and Україна is Russian for Ukraine. So there you have it. Elon Musk seems to think he can solve all of this geopolitical mess by throwing down in the ring with Putin, the stakes of an entire country laying out there as part of the outcome. It’s a total mess and really a good example of how far we might have devolved down the social media landscape where this kind of thing is part of the ether. 

Will this ever happen? Of course not. That’s not really the point of the Elon Musk tweet. It could be to raise awareness along some lines or maybe even offer a weird commentary on the utter useless idea of war and the military. If he’s looking to “solve” the issue in one meeting of the fists, then more power to him. If anything, this is just a simple Musk-level troll job that lands a little off the mark because, you know, people are actually dying in the Ukraine during this conflict. 

On a practical level, Elon Musk would likely be a massive underdog in any fight with Vladimir Putin if only their bodies were involved. Putin is reported to be an eighth-level blackbelt in judo though that ranking has been brought into at least some question around its validity. But what’s not in dispute is his military career that started all the way back in the mid-70s when he joined the KGB. And then, on the other hand, Elon Musk is good at coding and upending conventional ideas about transportation (He has mentioned in the past he studied martial arts as a child.)

Where does this go from here? Of course, likely nowhere. This is a simple troll job from Elon Musk, something he’s done about a variety of situations over the years. But if it did come to pass, you’d think Ukrainians wouldn’t mind choosing someone else to stand in the ring against Putin.