See Elizabeth Hurley Model 3 Different Beautiful Swimsuits

Elizabeth Hurley showcases three beautiful one-piece bathing suits in a new Instagram post.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

After she dazzled audiences in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Elizabeth Hurley went on to appear in two more sequels. In other words, we had an entire trilogy of films showcasing Hurley alongside retro hero Austin Powers, and the sexy star is now on Instagram, blasting to the past with another unforgettable trio. Instead of new films, though, Hurley is showing off three different swimsuits almost (but not quite) as hot as the woman wearing them.

In the recent past, Elizabeth Hurley has turned social media advertisements into an art form by combining two simple ingredients: a brief, breezy caption and photos of herself wearing the product in question. In this particular post, the sultry actor doesn’t mention any companies by name, but she airly proclaims that her legion of fans should “All hail the one piece” that is both “All new and all fabulous.”

Incidentally, worshiping these fabulous swimsuits shouldn’t be too hard for fans that were already on their hands and knees worshiping the woman wearing them.

As for the swimsuits themselves, Elizabeth Hurley is wearing the same style and cut in each image, though she rocks a different color in each one. The first swimsuit is completely white. This helps to give the actor an ethereal or even angelic appearance.

The next swimsuit is all black, which helps us to imagine what Hurley would wear if she went for a swim a little too close to Nevermore Academy. The third and final swimsuit is an awesome aquamarine color, and this one ended up being our favorite because it really helps Hurley’s beautiful eyes pop right out of the image.

And judging from the various comments on Elizabeth Hurley’s post, the sight of her rocking these swimsuits was nearly enough to make fans’ eyes pop right out of their sockets. Many fans found different ways to ask the obvious question of just how the hell Hurley is looking this good at 58 years old.

After all, most people who qualify for AARP membership don’t look this good, especially in a swimsuit. While most of the comments were both passionate and respectful, we can’t help but feel the people giving her the Austin Powers line “oh, behave” should probably be locked up in horny jail forever.

elizabeth hurley bedazzled
Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled

Elizabeth Hurley looking so amazing after all these years may have some fans thinking of Austin Powers, but we can’t help but think about her role in the overlooked Brendan Fraser comedy Bedazzled. In that film, Hurley played the actual Devil, and her goal was to get mortals (particularly Fraser) to sell their souls. Now, we’re not saying that Hurley has sold her own soul, but since her body seemingly refuses to age, can we really rule out a deal with the Devil?

In recent years, Elizabeth Hurley has continued to appear in unexpected roles from time to time, including a standout performance in the awesome Marvel Runaways show that almost nobody watched.

However, she seems more focused on social media these days, often using both her beauty and fame to help sell assorted products. Part of us wants to call her a sell-out, but the simple truth is that as long as she keeps sharing sizzling pics like this, we’re going to keep looking, respectfully, and try to keep our “yeah, babies” to a minimum.