Chocolate Recall Issued Over Potential Danger

By Douglas Helm | Published

chocolate recall

Be careful which sweets you purchase for the holiday season, as the Manischewitz company recently had to issue a chocolate recall for its Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins.

Packages Mislabeled

chocolate recall

The recall was issued after discovering that some of the packages had been mislabeled and that they may actually contain milk chocolate coins rather than dark chocolate coins in the foil packaging.

While this might not pose an issue for some people, it can be incredibly risky for those who have milk allergies.

Consumers are warned that those with severe milk allergies could be at risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume the mislabeled coins.

Dates and States

chocolate recall

According to the chocolate recall announcement, the affected products were distributed nationwide between September 26 and November 28.

The Food and Drug Administration, which disseminates this information to the public when a recall or safety alert is issued, also noted that product shipments were concentrated primarily in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut stores.

This recall joins other recent recalls from different companies, such as a recall for hazelnut-containing raspberry cookies in gift baskets and recalls of assuage and beef products due to contamination concerns.

No Illnesses Or Injury

While this chocolate recall is bad news for Manischewitz, the News Week report notes that the recall is precautionary and not based on any reported cases of illness or injury.

The kosher food company, which traces its origins back to 1888, noticed a mislabeling issue during quality control processes and identified bags labeled as Dark Chocolate Coins instead of milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate packaging would not note that milk allergens were present on the packaging, so it’s important that this recall gets out to those who may have purchased the wrong patch.

Milk Allergies Are Biggest Concern

The report further outlines which specific packages are part of the chocolate recall. Consumers, especially those concerned about milk allergens, are advised to scrutinize the packaging they’ve purchased.

According to the company, milk chocolate coins should be wrapped in gold foil with blue netting and non-dairy dark chocolate coins should be wrapped in silver foil with red netting.

UPC Codes To Know

chocolate recall

However, some of the net bags may have been mistakenly labeled as non-dairy dark chocolates.

The lot of product that was mislabeled specifically pertains to lot code 2283 and UPC code 072700200387 or the display box UPC code of 072700200356.

Manischewitz has relayed this code to retailers and informed them to inspect their inventory and remove any affected product from their shelves as part of the chocolate recall.

In Time For Wonka?

Meanwhile, consumers who have purchased the affected product lot can examine their packages and return their mislabeled packages for credit or a refund.

The chocolate recall announcement also advises that any individuals experiencing an allergic reaction to the chocolate should seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Severe allergic reactions can be life-threatening and should always be taken seriously.

This chocolate recall comes at an apropos time, as the Wonka film is hitting theaters in the coming weeks.

One has to wonder if Mr. Wonka ever had to issue one of these recalls for his products. In any case, you can check it out in theaters on December 15 – just make sure to get the right chocolate at the concessions counter.