Best Fast Food And Chain Restaurant Pancakes

By Doug Norrie | Published

Best Fast Food Pancakes

While the typical fast food run usually involves burgers and fries, or for breakfast, a solid sandwich, know that there are other options out there. Some of the best fast food restaurants and chains have some good pancake choices.

Let’s take a look at these buttermilk delights slathered with syrup that can hit the spot really anytime of day.

Burger King

Does Burger King do pancakes? Yes sir, Burger King does pancakes. They might not be available in every location, but BK has the option and they do pay off. It’s a simple offering and not going to offer any of the bells and whistles of the upcoming chains, but they are on the breakfast menu and taste great.


There aren’t a lot of frills here, but McDonald’s has been serving pancakes on the menu for decades and they continue to be a fan-favorite breakfast option. They call them hotcakes on the menu so don’t get confused, but the Golden Arches brings the light and fluffy action every time. Butter, syrup and away you go with these.


If looking for a late night/ early morning quick and easy meal then it’s tough to beat Denny’s. They’ve been doing it since 1953 and have become a staple for cheap and easy eats. Pancakes are a big part of the menu and breakfast is served all day.

They do the standard regular pancakes just fine, but there’s also the Cinnamon Roll pancake, Double Berry, or the Hearty 9-Grain version too. 

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel does comfort food right so there’s no surprise when they come close to topping the list of best fast food and chain restaurant pancakes. Breakfast is available all day, so no worries there and they do a couple of different pancake options.

There’s the pancake tacos which have bacon and eggs wrapped inside or they have the stuffed cheesecake pancake breakfast as well. And don’t worry, there’s the Momma Pancake Breakfast option which keeps things simple.


No surprise to see IHOP at the top of the list. After all, pancakes are in the name. The International House has the largest variety of pancakes on the menu with all kinds of options. Sure, there are the classic buttermilk style, but you’ll also get Double Blueberry, Cupcake, Mexican Tres Leches, New York Cheesecake, and many, many more. 

Where pancakes are concerned, they are easily the leader in the clubhouse and no one else is really coming all that close.