Amber Heard Is Hate-replying To Fans On Twitter

Amber Heard is getting called out on Twitter but she's having none of it. The actress is responding to Johnny Depp fans on social media

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Amber Heard is fresh of a couple of appearances in a recent HBO Max comic book blockbuster. So you think she’d be on top of the world right now and gearing up for an extended run in the DC Extended Universe. But think again. Seems the actress has been spending some of her free time in a slightly less noble but definitely entertaining way. Amber Heard has been spending her time responding to various people on Twitter who are calling out allegations she’s made against ex-husband Johnny Depp. 

The situation is outlined to some degree on ET Canada in the below clip. They break down the situation with Amber Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp and how some of it is playing out on social media. The video is about five minutes long, but the Twitter situation is addressed in the first couple of minutes. 

Basically, Johnny Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman has been spending a lot (a lot) of time on Twitter talking about Amber Heard and calling into question her claims of abuse at the hands of Depp. I’ll save you the time, but essentially his entire Twitter feed is pictures of Heard and postings of what he considers to be evidence exonerating the claims of abuse Heard has made. This has been going on for many days, but one of the tweets caught Heard’s attention and she responded. 

We can argue the merits of name-calling or making fun of someone to get across a broader point, but Amber Heard is clearly not having any of this line of talk from Depp’s lawyer. From her point of view, she suffered abuse at the hands of Depp and isn’t interested in this line of posting from someone associated with the actor. There were a few other incidents within Adam Waldman’s mentions in which Amber Heard went back and forth with Depp fans around the validity of the abuse claims. It doesn’t paint a rosy picture of the online social media landscape going down between celebrities and fans. It’s also worth noting that Waldman was eventually thrown out of court for what a judge considered to be multiple press leaks by the attorney. So he likes to get stuff out in the open, true or not.

All of this stems from the highly publicized court case over the summer that pitted Johnny Depp against the British tabloid The Sun. The latter had called the former a “wife-beater” in one of their posts and the actor took issue with the moniker. He sued them for libel leading to The Sun heading into court to prove the actor wrong. This was done by laying out a case in which Depp was, in fact, a “wife-beater” in his relationship with Amber Heard. In the end, Depp lost and the details of their relationship entered the public sphere. 

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The fallout from the case left Johnny Depp without work seeing as how he was fired from his roles in both The Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There were online petitions for Amber Heard to face her own ouster from Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Aquaman 2. But those aren’t having the desired effect. In the end, it’s emboldened Heard to clap back at those online casting doubt on her claims.