See Alexandra Daddario Enjoying Summer In Delightful Photos

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

One of the reasons that fans love to follow celebrities on Instagram is that it gives everyone a chance to live vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous, all from the comfort of our own homes. Recently, Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario proved this point by posting a series of photos in which she celebrated her summer at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It all starts off with a bikini photo by the pool, and if you thought summer was hot before, just wait until you see the sizzling looks she is serving up.

Alexandra Daddario shared photos of a day at the pool with fans.

The first thing you may notice about these photos of Alexandra Daddario is that they provide a very intimate look at a day in her life.

For example, starting with her bodacious bikini photo, it’s clear that she wasn’t posing for most of these photos, opting instead to provide mostly candid shots of herself and others having some summer fun. And with that radiant smile in the first photo, Daddario makes it clear she is having one hell of a time by the pool.

Part of what made her time in the sun so fun is that Alexandra Daddario was staying at the Dior cabana, and she wasted no time in her Instagram post giving props to Dior. This included tagging both @dior and @diorbeauty and posting a photo of herself holding her pampered pooch underneath a Dior sign.

She’s also happily smiling and carrying a Christian Dior bag, which is likely enough to send her legion of fans on a sponsor-friendly shopping spree.

Alexandra Daddario’s cute dog rebelled against being part of a fashion shoot.

If you liked seeing Alexandra Daddario’s cute dog in the second image, you’ll love the third image in which the dog seems to be going full goblin mode. This probably has something to do with the fact that Daddario has her hat poised above the dog, and its wild expression may be a way of saying, “don’t put that damn thing on me.”

Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

The cute doggo makes another appearance in the final image, effectively photobombing Daddario’s attempt to take a picture of herself in the full-length hotel mirror.

Along the way, we get plenty of images proving that Alexandra Daddario knows how to make her own fun, including an elevator picture taken after she left the pool. Rather than just taking a sexy selfie, she made sure to get a fun picture of everyone in the elevator. And to see her dazzling smile, it looks like the elevator ride brought the actor just as many laughs as her time by the pool.

Alexandra Daddario has a quirky sense of humor that she often shares with fans, and this time, she decided to use a banana-phone.

The fifth image is one of the few truly staged photos, and it was pretty much the last thing we expected: upon noticing the assorted fruits on the table, Alexandra Daddario grabbed a banana and held it to her ear as if it was a telephone.

To add to the hilarity, she gave a very intense look and chewed on her sunglasses, giving the impression that she was in the middle of a very intense phone call. Brains, beauty, bananas…what else could you ask for from one of Hollywood’s hottest stars?