Student in Israel Uses His Thoughts to Control A Robot In France

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Bruce Willis’ Surrogates is not just a Hollywood flop anymore, thanks to the Virtual Embodiement and Robotic Re-embodiement (VERE) program it is now a reality. Using a fMRI machine, Tirosh Shapira teleoperated a humanoid robot from roughly 2000 miles away. The small robot relayed the info back to him in a live first person experience. So this isn’t “kinda” like the tech in Surrogates but with joysticks or software that tracks eye movement, this is the real deal.


Bruce Willis Has A Robot Body

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surrogatesFootage from the upcoming Bruce Willis movie Surrogates has surfaced. In it Bruce Willis plays a cop on the trail of murder and corruption in a future where people stay home and send out robot surrogates whose bodies they inhabit to live their lives for them.

Bruce’s robot is the one that looks exactly like Bruce Willis but with hair. I guess if you’re going to build a robot you, might as well keep the rugged good looks and ditch the mail pattern baldness.

Check out the first ever footage from Surrogates after the jump: