Ghostbuster Michael Rooker Hunts Down Ernie Hudson At DragonCon

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When there’s something strange on the DragonCon 2013 convention floor, who you gonna call? Your friends, probably, to tell them that you just saw Michael Rooker running around with a proton pack, fully decked out in a Ghostbusters uniform. And then they’re going to be so jealous. There isn’t much meat to the video seen above, but it’s one of the coolest things that could have happened.

For seemingly no reason at all, Rooker is a man with a mission to seek out former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, who was also in uniform, signing autographs for franchise fans. (I mean, I’m just assuming this wasn’t an exhibit for The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.) It’s kind of cool to see all the people standing around, noticing who Rooker is as he parts the crowds. I’m sure there are a few people who just assumed he was a loony man. Hudson looks particularly amused once Rooker finally makes it to him, telling fans to stay away since Hudson is unarmed. I find it pretty damned amazing that these guys haven’t appeared in a film together. At least, not as far as I can tell.

Below is a video of Rooker actually leaving the panel he’s answering questions at, taking the “call” for a Ghostbuster.

Does this mean we’ll one day get to see Bill Murray make an appearance on AMC’s The Walking Dead? Not likely, sadly. With all the talk about another Ghostbusters sequel going the way of continuing the comedic threads of the first two films, I wonder why nobody has considered making the film more action-oriented. After all, if you’re going to have a team of people fighting the scariest beings in the universe, wouldn’t you want at least one of them to be an all-around badass? Rooker’s acting is generally pretty hammy, but it’s the best kind of hammy, like chicken cordon bleu.

Speaking of bringing Ghostbusters into the 21st century, the following images were presented by the website Dorkly, which reinterprets some of the film’s dialogue as if the Internet had written it. #enjoy

internet ghostbusters

internet ghostbusters

internet ghostbusters

internet ghostbusters


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